Lauren Conrad's Engagement Pics and Sweet Surprises to Fiancé

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It appears that Valentine's Day will be very special this year for newly engaged television star Lauren Conrad and her hubby-to-be, William Tell.

On Monday Feb. 3, Conrad shared photos on her web site via a blog post titled “Letter from Lauren: Fall In Love February.”

"There's something romantic about the month of February. The weather is cozy, the year still feels new, and it's the perfect time of the year to let your heart guide you. And then of course there's Valentine's Day...But whether you're single or taken, think of February as a time to focus on the people, places, and activities you love most."

In the brief message, Conrad concludes in a P.S. note that the pictures were taken during their engagement photo shoot.

The 27-year-old previously posted a photo on her Instagram two weeks ago, showing off a sneak-peek to a white dress and her engagement ring.

On Friday, Conrad showed off yet another photo, but this time one of an endearing gift to the love-of-her-life. The caption read: “Rise and Shine birthday boy." Evidently, the bedroom filled with marble-swirled balloon galore was meant to be a morning surprise for the recently-turned 34-year-old.

It seems that Tell has also had a few surprises up his sleeve in the past.

As far as their engagement, Conrad was previously reported saying that it was a proposal she was not expecting.

“William hates it when I say this, but he really is a very nice guy, and when you meet a nice guy who also manages to keep your interest that is the dream," she said. "If you're going to settle down, it should be with someone you can't stop thinking about, especially if you're in your 20s. If I were single in my 60s, I would totally settle. I would!"

Coincidentally, the pair first met on the romantic holiday in 2012, and according to Conrad, they look forward to celebrating their two-year dating anniversary on the same day.

Image via Lauren Conrad Blog/Elizabeth Messina

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