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CBS Interactive Sees Boost In Traffic

CBS Interactive said Tuesday it has seen significant traffic increases across all its brands, according to Nielsen online.

CBSNews.com saw significant year-over-year increases in unique users (63%), site visits (98%), and total minutes (135%) spent on the site, in large part due to the 2008 elections.

CBS to Take Online Video Seriously
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CBS is re-launching TV.com, a site it picked up in its CNET acquisition. Currently, the site is kind of a go-to resource for all things television, except actual TV content. They do have some video clips and episodes of things, but it’s not Hulu.

Yahoo To Let CBS Run Internet Radio Business
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Yahoo’s plate is more than full at the moment; between battling Google, losing its CEO, and facing takeover rumors, figurative food is piled to the ceiling.  It makes some sense, then, that responsibility for Yahoo Music’s Launchcast Radio is getting largely handed to CBS.

YouTube Finallly Looks to Full-Length TV Episodes
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YouTube has finally gotten to the point where they are going to start offering full-length episodes of TV shows, presumably to compete directly with Hulu and its ilk.

Netflix Strikes Deal With CBS, Disney
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Online movie rental service Netflix said today that it has signed agreements with the CBS Television Network and Disney-ABC Television Group that will allow current season episodes of a number of TV shows to be streamed at Netflix.

CBS Orders YouTube To Pull McCain “Lipstick” Ad
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CBS News has forced YouTube to remove an online ad by John McCain’s campaign that the network described as "misleading" in its use of Katie Couric.

The ad titled "Lipstick" says that Barack Obama implied McCain running mate Sarah Palin of being a lipstick-wearing pig. At the end of the ad it features a quote from Couric that laments the "continued and accepted role of sexism in American life." Couric at the time was referring to Democratic Primary coverage of Senator Hillary Clinton.

Journalist/Blogger Leroy Sievers Passes Away

Leroy Sievers passed away on Friday.

He won quite a few awards for his journalism and news production efforts over the years, working with NPR, CBS, and ABC.

CBS Storms Into Mobile Weather Alerts

Severe weather details for hurricanes and other conditions in near real-time form the eye of the latest CBS digital initiative.

AOL Launches New Radio Offering
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AOL has launched a new version of its AOL radio that features a redesigned online player, along with 150 CBS Radio stations.

The new player is powered by CBS Radio, and allows users to skip songs, add unlimited channel presets and share streams with AIM users.

CBS And Yahoo Partner On Online Video

CBS said today it has reached a deal with Yahoo to distribute its online videos on Yahoo in order to increase the reach of its television shows.

Yahoo will join the CBS Audience Network, which includes partners AOL, Microsoft, CNET, Joost, Bebo and Veoh.

CBS Launches Ad Network For College Sports

CBS has launched CBS College Sports Media, a vertical advertising network that will serve ads for CBSSports.com, NCAA.com and around 215 official college athletics sites.

The ad network will focus on the male demographic between the ages of 18-49. CBS said the new ad network would have reached 10 million unique visitors in March, during the popular March Madness basketball tournament.

CBS Acquiring CNET For $1.8 Billion

Yesterday afternoon, CNET’s stock closed at a price of $7.95 per share.  This morning, CBS announced its plan to acquire CNET for $11.50 per share, or about $1.8 billion overall.

CBS Mobilizes A LonelyGirl

CBS plans to do mobile and online entertainment with EQAL, the team behind the lonelygirl15 YouTube phenomenon.

Gossip Girl, March Madness, And CBS Confusion
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CBS fared better on an ad revenue per person basis for its NCAA basketball tournament delivery online than on TV. So why is Gossip Girl being dragged offline for viewing only on the CW Network, partly owned by CBS?

CBS Trying Hand At Citizen Journalism
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CBS has launched a citizen journalism Web site where users can upload video and images of news events from their mobile phones.

Users of Cbseyemobile.com can upload content from their phones by sending an MMS to the short code "85888" or by email. Users can enter a brief description into the body of the text or email to explain what the content is about.

CBS Launches Ad Network For Local Sites

CBS has launched a local ad network for local TV stations, local bloggers and social media sites in CBS-owned station’s markets.

CBS Expands March Madness On Demand

CBSSports.com said today that it would no longer require users to register for its NCAA March Madness on Demand video.

CBS, AOL Strike Radio Deal
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CBS Radio has partnered with AOL to share streams from all of its 140 stations with AOL’s online radio service.

CBS Radio will power AOL’s online radio stations and will also run advertising sales for the Time Warner properties 200 plus stations.

The two companies plan to create a number of product improvements including a new player along with full support for the Mac.

CBS, Loopt Go GPS For Mobile Ads

Through location-based advertising, CBS and Loopt believe they can hit the sweet spot of mobile website ad delivery.

Shocking Numbers for Super Bowl Ads on Video Sites

The year 2008 brings the Superbowl commercials of about 40 advertisers, running about 60 ads (Anheuser Busch has booked 10 slots and several others have more than one).

CBS Partners with Digg on Election Coverage

Now here’s a strange partnership. CBS Interactive has announced a partnership with social bookmarking site Digg for online coverage of the 2008 election. Through the deal, Digg buttons will be added to CBS stories and Digg’s election related headlines will be displayed on CBSNews.com.