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Lyft Is Doing That Whole Carpooling Thing Too

On Tuesday, on-demand ride company Uber unveiled UberPool, a new service that allows users to split fares with strangers who are planning on traveling on a similar path. With UberPool, one single Uber ride can stop numerous times in one “trip” and carry multiple people to their destinations. Not to be outdone, rival Lyft is also unveiling a new carpooling …

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Lyft Had a Rocky Start in NYC Over the Weekend

Fresh off its kinda victory on Friday in New York City, Lyft launched in all five boroughs to much fanfare. Unfortunately, high demands coupled with an underwhelming workforce and newly-imposed regulations made getting a Lyft driver a real headache in the Big Apple. Folks took to Twitter to vent. Nice of @lyft to offer me free rides for next 2 …

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Lyft Launching in NYC After Making Concessions

The battle of Lyft vs. New York City – mainly its Taxi and Limo Commission – has finally produced a resolution. Lyft will launch in all five boroughs of NYC tonight, but only after making some pretty big concessions. “Tonight, after making positive progress with local and state leaders, Lyft will launch in all five boroughs of New York City. …

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Lyft Slapped with Restraining Orders Hours Before NYC Launch

According to a report, both the New York City Taxi and Limo Commission and the state Attorney General have filed temporary restraining orders against on-demand car service Lyft, who is planning on launching in Brooklyn and Queens Friday evening. Earlier this week, Lyft announced their intentions to begin operations in NYC. That was immediately met with pushback from the city’s …

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Lyft Launches Friday in NYC Despite Regulatory Pushback

Lyft is not backing down in its quest to bring its on-demand car service to the Big Apple, despite warnings from the city’s Taxi and Limo Commission that they will not hesitate to take legal action. Earlier this week, Lyft announced that it was finally launching in New York City – not all of NYC, but in two boroughs to …

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Virginia DMV Tells Uber, Lyft to Cease ‘Illegal Operations’, Suggests They Focus on Lobbying

The state of Virginia is none too happy at on-demand car services Uber and Lyft operating, in its mind, outside the framework of its passenger carrier laws. The state’s Department of Motor Vehicles has sent out two cease and desist letters, one to Uber and one to Lyft, demanding that both companies stop operating in the commonwealth of Virginia until …

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