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Angela Merkel Discusses EU Reform with David Cameron

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a much-anticipated visit to London on Thursday. The visit included a meeting with British Prime Minister and Conservative Party Leader David Cameron at his official residence in Downing Street, a rare address to both houses …

Short Skirts Risk Rape Comment Lands MP in Trouble

British Tory Member of Parliament for Gloucester Richard Graham has come under fire from women’s rights groups for suggeting that short skirts and high heels could make it difficult for women to run away from potential predators. Graham’s words, as …

The UK Wants To Monitor Internet Use And Then Some The UK Wants To Monitor Internet Use And Then Some
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It’s no big surprise now that many governments all over the world want to monitor the Internet usage and communications of its citizens. There’s a law currently sitting around in Canada, the United States’s rumored NSA surveillance facility, and the …

Steve Webb Un-Suspended From Facebook

It’s hard to blame Facebook for trying to remove phony profiles – the social networking site has often been made fun of for, say, having over a dozen Jack Sparrows onboard.  Facebook’s employees accidentally went too far, though, when they disabled the profile of a member of the British Parliament.