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Barnes & Noble Launches Online Storytime For Kids
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Barnes & Noble has introduced "Online Storytime," a new monthly program featuring well-known authors and celebrities reading picture books for children ages two through six.

Each Online Storytime features pan-and-scan filming of the picture book with the author or celebrity narrating.

Google Analytics Book Earns Company’s Endorsement
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If you’re interested in marketing and Google Analytics, and have $27 and the time to read 450 pages to spare, Google thinks it knows of just the right book for you.  Yesterday evening, the search giant took the rather unusual step of endorsing a privately-authored paperback called Performance Marketing with Google Analytics.

Internet Archive Offers 1 Million Books To Visually Impaired

The Internet Archive said today it has made available more than 1 million books to those who are blind, dyslexic and visually impaired.

Online Book Piracy Nearing $3 Billion

Publishers could be losing between $2.75- 3 billion due to online book piracy, according to a new report from Attributor.

Google Gives Alex Over a Million Books

Spring Design, the makers of the Alex eReader device, announced it has entered into an agreement with Google, which will see it gaining access to over a million Google Books. Alex users will be able to read these books online or download them using the Android-integrated browser and search applications.

Amazon Kindle Comes to iPhone in Over 60 Countries

Amazon has released an iPhone app for the Kindle to over 60 countries. Now users in a total of 64 countries can read Kindle books on their iPhones and iPod Touch devices.

Amazon Working on Accessibility Features for Kindle
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Amazon is making some enhancements to its Kindle electronic reader, aimed at improving the reading experience for people who are blind, visually impaired, or dyslexic.

"Kindle is for anyone who loves to read—in fact, we’ve heard from thousands of vision-impaired customers and customers with learning disabilities over the past two years who have been helped tremendously by Kindle," said Amazon Kindle Vice President Ian Freed, Vice President.

“Twitter Wit” Proves Phrase Isn’t An Oxymoron
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One of the tweets reprinted in the new book Twitter Wit reads, "Just explained Twitter to my friend Bill.  I don’t think I did it right, as he’s excited to sign up."  The thing is, though, that this tweet and many of the others contained in Twitter Wit help validate the site.

Google Books Gets First Non-US eBook Partner

Interread, the British company that owns CoolerBooks.com, has announced a partnership with Google in which it will include over a million public domain books from Google Books in its online library. This makes CoolerBooks the first ebookstore outside the US to partner with Google Books.

Google Book Downloads Compatible on More Devices
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Google is now offering downloads of public domain books in Google Books in the EPUB format, which is an open and free industry standard for electronic books. This format is supported by a wide variety of different applications, so it should be easy for many people to access literature this way.

Users can download the public domain books by simply clicking the "download" button in the Google Books Toolbar, which provides a drop-down menu to choose the file format.

Google Wants Authors to Submit Creative Commons Books
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Google is now offering a way for authors and publishers to offer content for free under the Creative Commons license on Google Books. Rightsholders who want to distribute their books can let users download, use, and share them.

New Twitter Book Written from the User’s Perspective
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There is a new Twitter book out called All a Twitter. It was written by Tee Morris, author of Podcasting for Dummies. It comes with a foreword by social media guru Chris Brogan and a dedication to Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.

"Social Media has the potential of increasing your presence, both from a commercial and from a personal perspective, on the global stage," says Morris. "With All a Twitter, I bring several years of tweets and observations on Twitter’s growth, evolution, and reinvention."

Google Answers Privacy Questions Over Google Books

Google signed a settlement agreement with authors and publishers last year over Google Books. Google says that if it is approved by the court, it will unlock access to millions of books for anyone in the United States.

Today, Google has addressed privacy concerns that users and potential users have voiced with regards to Google Books.

Staples Utilizing Facebook For A Worthy Cause

How about a nice ‘feel good’ story to take you into the weekend? The news in the Internet marketing industry has been focused on negative numbers, downturns and dire forecasts for quite a while now. Personally, I get a little worn out by it. It’s good to be reminded, however, of just how potentially life altering (a little hyperbole never hurt anyone) the use of social media can be.

7 New Ways to Enjoy Books on Google
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Google introduced seven new features to Google Books today. The features add ways to share and browse the content users find in Google’s collection. They include:

Amazon Kindle DX to Ship Soon
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Update 2: The Kindle DX will ship on June 10th, a spokesperson for Amazon tells WebProNews. "The Kindle DX is currently available for pre-order and all orders are prioritized on a first come, first served
basis," they said.

 The Kindle DX is now available for pre-order at Amazon for $489.

State AGs Look Into Google Book Deal
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Google is facing more scrutiny over its proposed settlement it reached with copyright holders allowing it to digitize millions of books.

This time a group of state attorneys general have discussed the deal in a conference call held on Tuesday, Peter Brantley director of the Internet Archive told Reuters.

Library Groups Ask Judge To Monitor Google Book Search Settlement

Three major library groups have filed comments with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York for the judge to consider in his ruling on the proposed Google Book Search Settlement.

The American Library Association (ALA), the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and the Association of Research Libraries, are asking the judge to "exercise vigorous oversight" while ruling on the Google Book Search Settlement.

Sony Reader Gains Access To Google Books

Sony has reached a deal with Google to offer access to more than a half-million public domain books from Google available on its current models of its Reader.

The books will be available for free to users of the Reader via Sony’s eBook Store, which now boasts more than 600,000 titles. The move is seen as a direct challenge to Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader, which has access to over 245,000 titles along with newspapers, magazines and blogs.

Amazon’s Kindle 2: First Images
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Amazon’s Kindle 2 has arrived in the hands of those lucky enough to get the early pre-orders. Luckily WebProNews was among the first batch of recipients. So let’s take a look at this bad boy.

Judging the Book Without a Cover
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Amazon Kindle 2With the Unveiling of the newest generation of Amazon Kindle (which began shipping on Monday) bloggers, publishing houses, newspaper editors, and even lumberjacks are thinking: what’s next?
It’s the second version of the Kindle, a wireless reading device, capable of storing thousands of titles within its svelte design.