BMW Cars, Motorcycles Hit Sales Records

BMW Cars, Motorcycles Hit Sales Records

By Sean Patterson October 15, 2014

BMW has been operating for nearly 100 years now. Throughout those years the company has had many popular and classic vehicles. Now it seems the auto manufacturer may be more popular than ever. BMW Group last week announced that it …

Audi Q1 Compact SUV Set for 2016 Release Audi Q1 Compact SUV Set for 2016 Release

It hasn’t been long since the Italian invasion of the Fiat has breached American shores and displayed the fact that Americans are truly in love with anything that appears miniature. The success of the revamped Fiat 500, along with the …

Redesigned 2015 Mini Cooper Unveiled Redesigned 2015 Mini Cooper Unveiled

Since BMW launched the Mini Cooper in the U.S. back in 2002, over 550,000 various models of the car have been sold, spanning two generations. Now Mini Cooper has unveiled its latest, redesigned 3rd-generation vehicle, just ahead of the Los …

World's oldest car brand beats all sales records World's oldest car brand beats all sales records

What does Mercedes Benz have that other vehicle brands don’t? First, an unmatched automotive pedigree that began with the founding of the automobile itself. Second, a rare ability to be the leader at the cutting edge of design and technology …

BMW, Toyota Team Up to Develop Future Battery Tech BMW, Toyota Team Up to Develop Future Battery Tech

BMW and Toyota today announced that the car companies have teamed up to develop a new fuel-cell system and the future of lithium battery technology. The companies signed binding agreements to collaborate on several projects meant to usher in future …

Would Google Combine Glass With Driverless Cars? Would Google Combine Glass With Driverless Cars?

BMW has an augmented reality “smart windshield technology,” which is seems much like what Google is doing with Project Glass. The following video has been around for a while, but it’s picking up some attention today, thanks to psfk. “One …

New Study Contrasts Favorite Brands by Affiliation New Study Contrasts Favorite Brands by Affiliation

Buyology Inc.’s new study takes a look at subconscious brand attachments and reveals some interesting contrasts between Democrats and Republicans. What they found is that sometimes the values of your political party give rise to certain brand preferences. Not surprising, …

BMW’s Fashionable New Concept Store in Paris BMW’s Fashionable New Concept Store in Paris

Imagine Louis Vuitton sold high-end sedans instead of handbags and you will get a feel for what BMW was going for with the design of their newest concept store in Paris. Counter to the auto malls you might find a …

Google Enriches BMW Navigation Interface

Starting this month, people who buy a BMW in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, or the UK should find the navigation interface significantly improved thanks to Google.  A renewal of a deal involving BMW’s Connected Drive service means a couple new features have become available.

In terms of letting a driver keep his (or her) attention focused on the road, search suggestions are far and away the most significant new feature.  Forget the idea of working out how to spell all of "Bar Stuzzichini" on a small screen while traveling at 70 MPH.

Google-Backed BMW Search Launches

BMWs have long been able to outhandle and overpower most other cars on any given road.  Now, the owners of some 2009 BMWs will lose their last excuse for being late, as the automaker has teamed up with Google Maps to create BMW Search.

Google, TomTom Seal Computer-To-Car Deal

Gosh bless the automotive trickledown; it’s already brought treats like telescoping steering wheels to entry-level vehicles, and now computer-to-car driving directions appear to be on the way.

BWM Offers In-Car Google Local Search

Google-fans rejoice, you now have a Google-approved car to consider for your next purchase.

Google, BMW Enhance European Nav Systems

Europeans (and to some extent, the Japanese) get all the coolest car stuff.  The latest example of this involves a deal between BMW and Google; German BMW owners will benefit from a new in-car Google Local Search service, and a sort of precursor feature (previously available just in Germany) has now spread throughout Europe.

Google, BMW Get Drivers Where They Need To Go

BMW’s tagline used to be “Ultimate Driving Machine.” Then, in 2006, the auto manufacturer switched to “A Company of Ideas.” While that doesn’t have the same ring, it may at least allow a bit more room to explain BMW’s new arrangement with Google. In effect, German bimmer owners will be able to link their cars’ navigation systems to Google Maps.

BMW Site Gets Spanked by Google

Notice to search marketers: Your brand will not save you from the consequences of screwing with search engines.

BMW Orders Adult Search Engine to Remove Results

The German car manufacturer BMW has ordered adult search engine AskJolene.com to immediately remove a number of results from its index and to blacklist the providers of the documents but AskJolene says it will not yield to the claim.