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Conservative Blogger Andrew Breitbart’s Death: Twitter Reacts
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Andrew Breitbart, controversial conservative blogger and journalist, died today at the age of 43. Many were shocked at the news today and took to Twitter to talk about it. A quick glance at tweets related to Breitbart’s untimely passing shows …

Google Stops Indexing Blogger Blogs On Custom Domains Google Stops Indexing Blogger Blogs On Custom Domains
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Google’s Blogger has had some issues where new posts on custom domains aren’t being indexed by Google. Bloggers have been complaining about it, understandably, on Google’s Webmaster Help forum (via Barry Schwartz). Apparently, Google initially thought it was happening as …

Blogger Redirect Makes Censorship Easier For Google Blogger Redirect Makes Censorship Easier For Google

Much like Twitter’s recent announcement concerning country-specific censorship, Google is getting on the fun by redirecting Blogger blogs to country-specific URLs. This means if you are in India and you’re trying to navigate to a Blogger.com blog, you will, in …

Google: Here’s How To Get More Out Of Google+ Google: Here’s How To Get More Out Of Google+

In case you hadn’t noticed, Google is doing a lot to encourage people to use Google+. That includes TV ads (not something Google has done a lot historically) and new, deep integration into search results. They also recently launched a …

Blog Services: The Good & The Bad Of 2011 Blog Services: The Good & The Bad Of 2011
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One of the hallmarks of the Internet experience in 2011 is the towering amount of blogs that are out there, waiting to be read by any online flaneur with some time to kill. The nice thing about blogs is that …

Blogger Gets New Google+ Sharing Feature Blogger Gets New Google+ Sharing Feature

Google announced that if you have your Blogger blog linked to your Google+ profile, you can start sharing your posts more easily on Google+. When you go to post, you will be presented with a box that is prefilled with …

Is Google Making Daughters Cry? Is Google Making Daughters Cry?
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Age restrictions in relation to the Internet is an interesting beast in relation to enforcement. There is, of course, a great deal of adult-related content children need to be protected from, but is email one of them? How about blogging, …

Blogger Bloggers Can Customize Dynamic Views Blogger Bloggers Can Customize Dynamic Views
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About a month ago, Google launched Dyanmic Views for Blogger. This is an interesting concept that allows viewers of Blogger blogs to change the way the blog looks as they read it, giving the user more control over the look …

Blogger Finally Gets Google+ Integration Blogger Finally Gets Google+ Integration

Google has made no secret that it intends to integrate Google+ across all or most of its products. In fact, Blogger integration has been said to have been on the way since July. Now, the time has come. Google announced …

Google Launches Blogger Dynamic Views Google Launches Blogger Dynamic Views
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Google launched what it calls “Dyanmic Views” for its blogging platform Blogger, which gives users seven new ways to display their blogs. The seven views are: Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide. The following video shows them off: …

iOS Blogger App Launched iOS Blogger App Launched
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Google announced a new Blogger app for iOS, which lets bloggers write new blog posts and publish them from their iPhones or iPod Touches. “With the Blogger app, you can write a new blog post and publish it immediately or …

Blogger Redesign Available for Opt In Blogger Redesign Available for Opt In

Google has launched a redesign of Blogger, its popular blogging platform. Now, users can create or edit posts with one click at the top of the screen whether they’re on the dashboard or settings page of blogger.com. The post editor …

Googler Shows How to Post to Your Blogger Blog From Google+ Googler Shows How to Post to Your Blogger Blog From Google+
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YouTube Product Manager Rick Klau, who has previously worked on Blogger and Google Profiles, shared an interesting concept on his personal blog today. Klau explained how to add a post to your Blogger blog from Google+. Actually, he explained this …

RUMOR: Google Rebranding Blogger and Picasa RUMOR: Google Rebranding Blogger and Picasa
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In an effort to unify its brand, Google plans to rebrand some of their non-Google names, for the public launch of Google+. Two of the biggest properties reportedly getting a new name are Picasa and Blogger. Mashable is reporting that …

Google Adds New Templates To Blogger

Google said today it is previewing five new templates in Blogger and they will soon be available in a wider launch. Google said its new template views use the latest web technology, including AJAX, HTML5, and CSS3. The new template …

Blogger Gets “Follow By Email” Feature
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Google’s Blogger has launched a new feature called “follow by email”. The feature is pretty self-explanatory really. It lets users follow blogs via email. It’s a great idea that should’ve been implemented years ago. “Fresh content is the fuel that …

Blogger Gets Android App for Posting On the Go

Google’s Blogger has released a new Android app that allows bloggers to update on the go. 

With the app, users can switch between different accounts and blogs (for which they have author rights) and post accordingly. You can compose posts, attach photos, assign labels, and save them as a drafts or go ahead and publish them. 

"Saving as draft is handy if you need to wait until you have Internet connectivity," notes Blogger’s Vinay Sekhri.

Blogger Drops New Fonts

With a move that can only be described as “sheer brazenness,” Google’s weblog service, Blogger.com, has introduced a feature that may just be the tipping point between order and chaos in society: the introduction of 35 additional fonts to their blog service.

Perhaps “unleashing” captures the moment better than the word “introduction.”

Google Cloud Picker Feature Discovered Prematurely
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It has been revealed that Google is testing something called "Google Cloud Picker". It’s apparently not something we’re supposed to know about yet. 

According to those who spotted it, it appeared when they tried to insert files and images into Google Sites and Blogger. A screenshot is now making the rounds, showing that it is tied to Picasa, Maps, Google Docs, and YouTube. 

Popular Posts and Blog’s Stats Gadgets Now Available for Blogger Blogs
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Blogger announced today that two gadgets have graduated from the experimental "Blogger in Draft" status to full-on gadgets. These are Popular Posts and Blog’s Stats. They can now be added to any blog from the Gadget Directory. 

"Both of these gadgets take advantage of the traffic data that is being collected by Blogger Stats and provide an easy way for you to pass that info on to the readers of your blog," says Blogger’s Brett Wiltshire.

Google Launches Stats for Blogger

Google has launched Stats for Blogger, a Blogger feature that was previously available in the experimental version of Blogger, Blogger in Draft. The feaure is fairly self-explanatory in that it provides Blogger users with stats about their blogs.

More specifically, Stats for Blogger provides stats like real-time tracking of each time your blog is viewed, and insights about your audience, such as top search keywords, countries, browsers, etc. The user interface comes with easy-to-read graphs and charts.