Googler Shows How to Post to Your Blogger Blog From Google+

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YouTube Product Manager Rick Klau, who has previously worked on Blogger and Google Profiles, shared an interesting concept on his personal blog today.

Klau explained how to add a post to your Blogger blog from Google+. Actually, he explained this on Google+ in an update, which was then transferred to his blog, proving that it does in fact work.

Klau offered the following six steps for achieving this:

1) Go to Blogger -> Settings | Mobile and email
2) add a secret word to your blog's e-mail address
3) Save
4) Create a Circle, and add one contact by e-mail address - use your blog's e-mail address that you configured in step 2
5) Save the circle
6) when posting in the Stream, add your blog's circle (make sure to have the "also email..." option checked)

He did note in an update that it's just a "proof of concept," and that you may want to edit the post on Blogger and remove the secret word. "Or you could set the feature to just queue up the posts as a draft," he says.

Here's what it looked like when he posted it to his blog:

Rick Klau Blogger blog post from <a href=Google+" src="" title="Rick Klau Blogger blog post from Google+" class="aligncenter" width="616" height="669" />

So, as you can see, you can also use Google+ to blog.

Mike Elgan actually made an interesting point in a Google+ post, in that a public post on Google+ is basically like a blog post in itself, while an update addressed to circles is more like a tweet, one addressed to your customers' circle is like a business newsletter, and one addressed to a single person is like a letter. "I'd say this is pretty revolutionary," he said.

Wait until Google integrates it more heavily into more of its products.

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