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Call of Duty: Black Ops II Confirmed For Wii U

Nintendo’s big Wii U announcement in New York today was a laundry-list of everything Nintendo fans were hoping for. The affordable prices, a the new Nintendo TVii video streaming service alone should be enough to make Microsoft and Sony sit up and pay attention. Later in the show, Activision took over a large portion of the presentation and announced that …

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Black Ops 2 Crushes Amazon Pre-Order Sales

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has broken the Amazon single day pre-order sales record, The Inquirer says. In fact, they demolished it, tripling sales of the previous record holder. Activision revealed the game last Tuesday with a trailer aired during the NBA playoffs. In the first 24 hours, pre orders on Amazon smashed that of Call of Duty: Black …

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Will The New Call of Duty Cause a Bro Breakdown?

I mean, who here can really argue with good graphics, especially in a Call of Duty game? While the upcoming comic strip was clearly done in jest, tomorrow, when the CoD: Black Ops 2 official announcement hits on May 1st (tomorrow), will this be the predominant reaction of bros everywhere? Take a look and see what you think: If there’s …

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