Will The New Call of Duty Cause a Bro Breakdown?


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I mean, who here can really argue with good graphics, especially in a Call of Duty game? While the upcoming comic strip was clearly done in jest, tomorrow, when the CoD: Black Ops 2 official announcement hits on May 1st (tomorrow), will this be the predominant reaction of bros everywhere?

Take a look and see what you think:

Call of Duty: Modern Bro-fare

If there's a more accurate comic strip out there, especially one devoted to video games, please share; and no, Penny Arcade doesn't count.

Courtesy of Julia Lepetit, via Dorkly, "Modern Bro-fare" is about a pitch perfect as one can get, especially when it comes to fanboy reactions to Call of Duty, or, well, any title that has such a fervent following. Then there's the last panel, which, after reading just how much money each new CoD title makes, may not be as far-fetched as some might think.

As indicated, the new CoD announcement is expected tomorrow, even though the Internet, by and large, already knows the what (Black Ops 2) and the when (November 13). Nevertheless, expect an absolute outpouring of reactions when the official announcement hits the tubes tomorrow.