Forrester Report Finds Behavioral Marketing Data Is Working, But 45% Aren’t Capturing Data

Forrester Report Finds Behavioral Marketing Data Is Working, But 45% Aren’t Capturing Data

By Chris Crum July 10, 2013

Forrester has put out a new report commissioned by Silverpop, surveying 157 U.S. marketers on behavioral data and automation. “Of the findings, the most notable might be that while marketers who leverage buyer insight / data in their campaigns experience …

Behavioral Targeting Gaining Public Acceptance

Truste Has released the findings of a very interesting survey it conducted regarding behavioral targeting. It turns out that consumers’ comfort level with the concept is going up.

British Telecom’s Doing ISP-Based Behavioral Targeting

British Telecom began some ISP-based behavioral ad targeting testing today. Before privacy enthusiasts freak out, it’s on an opt-in basis…so far.

"Around 10,000 customers will be invited to opt in to the trial when they commence their browsing session. We will issue invitations at random," said British Telecom.

Behavioral Targeting Rising In Online Classifieds

Reaching the right customer with a classifieds placement may be the province of tighter behavioral targeting, rather than waiting for someone to search for what they want.

AlmondNet Likes Taste Of Behavioral Targeting
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Any ad server can drop an advertisement in front of an Internet user, but AlmondNet wants that opportunity to be relevant as well as timely.

Does Google Know What You’re Doing Offsite?

Google’s behavioral targeting is an inevitability and, in one form, a current practice. People are aware of personalized results when logged into their accounts, and certainly retail sites are aware of what you’re checking out. But a recent forum poster reports Google’s apparent knowledge of what he was doing off-site.

And the thought of that is a little unnerving.

Wal-Mart Starting To Use Behavioral Targeting; via Yahoo

Yahoo has signed a deal with Wal-Mart under which Yahoo will start selling display advertising on Wal-Mart.

Google Patent App. Pursues Behavioral Targeting

Since not every single one gets clicked on, Google’s ads might be considered less than perfect.  A new patent application would make behavioral targeting a central part of improving them.

Behavioral Targeting: Why This Hot Technology is Burning its Users

Privacy is Only Part of the Problem

Behavioral targeting (BT) has been around since the first dotcom days. In late 2007 it rose to fame again thanks to a few big promoters like Facebook; and in early 2008 it ignited a firestorm of debate that continues to unfold before us each day. But what is it, what does it claim to do and why the surrounding debate?

Behavioral Targeting Hits Road Block

One New York assemblyman, Richard L. Brodsky, has drafted a bill that would make it a crime — punishable by a fine to be determined — for certain Web companies to use personal information about consumers for advertising without their consent.
There are essentially two main things in this bill

AOL’s Penguin: “Behavioral Targeting No Problem”

Some people know about behavioral targeting, and some people don’t.  To educate this second group (and perhaps make the first feel less threatened), AOL intends to explain the practice with a cartoon penguin.

Amazon & Toys”R” Us Involved in Behavioral Targeting?

Just before holidays a colleague of mine asked me if Amazon and Toys"R" Us were involved in behavioral targeting.

He told me that he did a search for Lego on ToysRUs and a few days later when he visited Amazon, he saw Lego featured on the home page. He said that he had never did any search for Lego on Amazon.

I looked at the code on ToysRUs and did not find anything that looked like it is sharing data with Amazon.

Google’s Behavioral Targeting the new Dinnertime Telemarketer?

I dunno. Lately I’m finding that if I notice that I’m still logged into Google that I rush to sign out. It just creeps me out to know that everywhere I go on the web if I’m signed in, Google is following me.

FTC: No Gov’t Online Ad Regulation Threat

The two-day town hall meeting being held in Washington DC by the Federal Trade Commission had a common theme: avoiding government regulation.

AOL Spreads Its Privacy Education Program

AOL announced a program that will help Internet users understand behaviorally targeted advertising, along with providing mechanisms for opting out of such targeting.

FTC Talks Online Privacy Today

The two-day town hall meeting about behavioral targeting, announced amid privacy concerns about Google’s proposed acquisition of DoubleClick, begins today in Washington DC.

Behavioral Targeting (BT) at eMetrics

Behavioral Targeting (BT), as I predicted earlier this year, has become very common term among marketers.

Look at any online marketing events and you will see more than one session on Behavioral Targeting. This was also evident at eMetrics in Washington DC, where a full track was devoted to Optimization and Behavioral Targeting and several other speakers, not in this track, also talked included Behavioral Targeting in their presentations.