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BBC Exec Wants Better Complementary Videos

Too much video content that fails to enhance the stories on BBC News Interactive should be pruned in favor of more complementary works.

BBC iPlayer To Launch In July

The BBC will launch its on demand TV Service, BBC iPlayer on July 27 it announced today.

YouTube To Host BBC Content

The BBC Global News said today that it would use thePlatform’s media management and publishing system to distribute short-form video content on YouTube.

Google Named Top Mobile Web Destination

When rankings are published, and Google is involved, the Mountain View-based company usually wins.  This time is no different, and M:Metrics has crowned Google the “top mobile web destination for smartphone users.”

BBC Reporter Supports Social Media
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Some people see a distinct gap between bloggers and “real” journalists, but Ben Hammersley, who works for the BBC, may change their minds over the next two weeks; Hammersley intends to do his job using social media tools and sites.

French Fear The Blackberry

Since servers for the addictive Blackberry wireless mail service reside in places like the United States, some government workers in France have been told to eschew using those devices.

BBC Faces Probable Loss To YouTube

Talk about new media versus old: a report from Hitwise indicates that YouTube may soon overtake the main BBC site in terms of UK visits.

YouTube Goes To Nine New Nations

From our perspective, it’s going international.  From theirs, it’s becoming local.  But either way you look at it, YouTube is launching targeted sites for Ireland, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Japan, Brazil, and France.

Google Courting More Students With Email

Google’s serious about creating relationships with the greater Academia – its founders were collegiate all-stars building printers out of Legos, and of course badly-named search engines (Google was once called BackRub, we imagine because that was Larry Page’s best pickup line) – ahem, as more and more universities turn their email systems over to the search engine company.

Google, BBC Make Mash-Ups

The word “mash-up” has certain connotations; the product may not be too polished, or it could be downright amateurish.  The British Broadcasting Corporation is not an amateur, however; the BBC is, in fact, the world’s biggest broadcasting corporation.  And the BBC’s into mash-ups.

Niche & Trend Tool List

There has been some useful posts of late that discuss the pracitical methods to get started at developing a new site or blog specifically for affiliate marketing. In particular Aaron Wall discusses practical tips for starting a new site and Dosh Dosh looks at choosing the right blog niche.

Morocco May Be Blocking YouTube

Reports of YouTube’s unavailability in Morocco has raised fears that the government is censoring access to the video sharing site.

Ask’s InterActive Could Buy Confused.com

There’s a fair amount of commotion surrounding Confused.com; the site, which is “a one-stop shop to help you find out whether you can save money on your car or home insurance this year,” may be accepting acquisition bids of well over $1 billion.  And a potential buyer may be InterActiveCorp, the owner of Ask.com.

Google Ad Policy Cracks Down On Plagiarism

Advertisements for weapons, drugs, and prostitutes have been banned from Google.  All right, fair enough.  But now advertisements for essay-writing services will also be forbidden, and while more than a few people have raised their eyebrows, others have cheered.

BBC: Flickr Censors Comments

BBC NEWS | Technology | Yahoo ‘censored’ Flickr comments More news on the recent censorship by Yahoo of Rebekka Gudleifsdóttir from the BBC.

Banned Military Blog Wins Prize

Two weeks ago, the world found out that the U.S. Army had placed extensive new restrictions on soldiers’ blogs.  Now the book of Colby Buzzell, a former machine gunner, has won an international contest – and Buzzell’s book is based on his blog.  Oh, the irony.

BBC Moves Forward With Online Archive, iPlayer

It’s only for a six-month trial period, and it involves just 20,000 people in the UK, but something important has transpired – part of the BBC archive went online.  And if everything goes well, we can look for all of that audio and video to become much more widely available.

The Call for a Blogging Code of Conduct?

Every once in a while, there comes a call for a blogging code of conduct. Usually, these rules are unwritten, but after what’s been happening to Kathy Sierra et al., some are campaigning for a more concrete code of ethics for bloggers.

UK Net Advertising Surpasses Print

Internet advertising is a big business in the UK, and according to a new report, it’s reached record proportions.  Over 2 billion pounds – that’s about $3.95 billion – was spent in 2006, which represents a 41% increase over the previous year’s figures.  Even more important is the fact that only $3.73 billion was spent on newspaper advertising.

BBC Picks Up Sierra Threat Story
Kathy Sierra, author of the brilliant blog Creating Passionate Users wrote a post yesterday describing some incredibly disturbing, horrible, abuse and death threats she has been receiving from some other blogs and bloggers.
Twitter – Short, Sweet & Sleek

Alright, Twitter has suddenly attained the status of a notoriously popular Application. After being fueled by SXSW, everybody else is talking about Twitter including those who don’t even have a blog. Talks in the Blogosphere have spit out stats that Twitter got 1 million messages sent recently. Finally after about a year of its launch, Twitter has won.