Parliamentary Clips May Come To YouTube

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Some rather important proceedings might soon become viewable to everyone with an Internet connection and access to YouTube.  A report's indicated that a ban covering video footage of the UK's House of Commons could be lifted in the near future.

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Elected Members of Parliament hold debates and vote on legislation in the House of Commons, making it somewhat similar to America's House of Representatives.  It's essentially footage of the democratic process that's at stake, then.

So here's the latest information: Dan Sabbagh reported that a ban "could come to an end in the coming weeks after months of delicate negotiations between the Palace of Westminster and broadcasters led by the BBC."

Sabbagh later explained, "Negotiations have been going on for over 18 months within the Parliamentary Broadcasting Unit Limited, a committee of officials and broadcasters responsible for licensing parliamentary footage.  If the BBC succeeds, it would allow any third party to 'embed' prime minister's questions, or any part of the proceedings of parliament."

This would count as a major win for YouTube.  Granted, it's hard to say whether or not lots of people would watch the footage, and news clips and transcripts prevent Members of Parliament from keeping secrets.  But YouTube has made many efforts over the years to be a source of serious information, and a breakthrough here would help it on that front.

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