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Google Deals With Novartis To Further Develop Its Smart Contact Lenses

Earlier this year, Google announced its smart contact lenses aimed at helping diabetics keep glucose levels under control. The company has now reportedly found a partner to to make them. Reuters is reporting that Google has struck a deal with Novartis to develop the contact lenses and better compete in the blood-sugar tracking market. But they’re not stopping there. According …

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Google Glass Founder Is Heading to Amazon

Babak Parviz, the guy who once headed up Google’s experimental wing Google X and gave us Google Glass, was jumped over to Amazon. Parviz made a bit of a cryptic announcement on Google+, simply posting the Amazon logo and saying “status: super excited.” If you take at look at his profile, however, Parviz confirms he has taken a position at …

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Google Glass Was Made For Search

Babak Parviz, known as the creator of Google Glass, who led the project until Google replaced him with Ivy Ross recently, spoke at the Wearable Technologies Conference this week. He told attendees that Glass is only one answer to what the next mobile platform could be, following smartphones and tablets. Remember, this is the guy who talked about some pretty …

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Google Working On Voice Commands, Head Gestures & Phone Calls For Glass

IEEE Spectrum ran a very interesting interview with Google Glass head Babak Parviz, who talked a little about some of the features Google has been working on for the highly anticipated device. We knew Google was essentially working on a way to see the world through your eyes. Sergey Brin posted a Google+ update last year talking about how Glass …

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