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Watch Joel Stein’s 45-Minute Talk At Google [Video]

Google has uploaded video from a recent Authors@Google talk, featuring Joel Stein, journalist and author of “Man Made: A Stupid Quest For Masculinity”. If you’re a fan of the man and/or his work, check it out below: Other recent author …

Ellen Douglas Dies at 91, National Book Award Nominee
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If you are a fan of or aware of the novel Apostles of Light, a 1973 National Book Award nominated book, then I am sure you are aware of who Ellen Douglas was. Ellen Douglas was Apostles of Light‘s talented …

Housewife Raised by Monkeys to Release Book
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Rudyard Kipling wrote The Jungle Book as a collection of morality tales with a motivational bent, but the stories were all fiction. It’s unthinkable that someone could be raised in the jungle, like Kipling’s Mowgli, and grow up to have …

Nina Bawden Dies at 87, British Children’s Author

If you have ever read the 1993 Phoenix Award-winning book Carrie’s War or The Peppermint Pig, you have read the works of the wonderfully talented Nina Bawden, a Children’s author from the UK who unfortunately died today (August 22nd, 2012) …

Joe Lansdale On The E-Book Revolution And The Future Of Books [Exclusive Q&A] Joe Lansdale On The E-Book Revolution And The Future Of Books [Exclusive Q&A]
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Last week, we reported that author (and “Champion Mojo Storyteller”) Joe Lansdale was considering e-book as the exclusive format for his next “Hap and Leonard” book. He indicated as much in a Facebook update, but in a later update he …

Joe Lansdale Considering E-Book Only For New Novel [Updated] Joe Lansdale Considering E-Book Only For New Novel [Updated]

Update: It looks like there has been a change of plans. Since this post was written, Lansdale has posted a couple more updates about his Hap and Leonard book plans, and it looks like print will be an option for …

Amazon Offers Nielsen BookScan To Authors

Amazon.com said today that authors who use its Author Central service can now view Nielsen BookScan’s weekly geographic sales data for their print books for free.

Author Central is a free service that helps authors promote their books and reach more readers. Also announced today, Author Central has added a feature that shows authors past history on the Amazon bestsellers rank for their books.

Amazon Offers New Royalty Program For Kindle Authors

Amazon.com said today it is now offering independent authors and publishers who use its ebook self-publishing program, the Kindle Digital Text Platform (DTP), a 70 percent royalty option.

For each book sold from the Kindle Store for Kindle, Kindle DX, or one of the Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, PC, Mac and Android phones, authors and publishers who choose the new 70 percent royalty option will receive 70 percent of the list price, minus delivery costs.