Joe Lansdale Considering E-Book Only For New Novel [Updated]

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Update: It looks like there has been a change of plans. Since this post was written, Lansdale has posted a couple more updates about his Hap and Leonard book plans, and it looks like print will be an option for readers.

Joe LansdaleAbout the Hap and Leonard book I'm planning. It'll be shorter than a usual book, but I'm going to try it at ebooks first, but I'm not ruling out print. But, books are changing, and both formats are valid, even if I prefer the real books. I think there will always be real books, but they are going to be a smaller, and probably more collector type of market. Some publishers are even considering moving that way more and more, so this could be good for small presses, as far as real books go.

Joe LansdaleOkay, there will be a hard back and a limited of the new Hap and Leonard book when I do it. Just made plans with a publisher. But it will be small press. Again, it will be a short book. Longer than HYENAS and the forthcoming DEAD AIM, but not a full length novel.

Original Article: Popular (at least cult following-wise) author Joe Lansdale said in a Facebook status update this morning that he is considering an e-book-only format for his next "Hap and Leonard" novel.

Joe LansdaleI'm thinking of a Hap and Leonard novel done only in E Books, at least originally.

Hap and Leonard are a couple of characters that Lansdale has based a number of his works around. They are always getting into some fun (and often bloody) adventures that are usually so bizarre that to try to describe them here would really not do them justice. But they are certainly the typical Lansdale fare, if there is such a thing. There's really nothing typical about Lansdale's writing, which is a big part of what makes it so fun to read.

If you're not familiar with any of his writing, perhaps you'll recognize the film Bubba Ho-Tep, which is based on one of his short stories. It's about Elvis Presley's adventure in a nursing home with an African American fellow who believes he's John F. Kennedy, and they have to team up to fight a mummy. This may sound absurd, but Lansdale has a knack for making the absurd not only entertaining, but less absurd - another trait that is often on display in his writing.

Lansdale's fans have already expressed mixed reaction to his e-book-only decision, in the comments on his update. The reactions range from "that's awesome" to "no, not e-book only!". However, there are quite a few indicating that this will be a reason for them to actually buy a Kindle or other e-reading device.

Really, this is a prime example of how authors can push the e-reader industry even further (as if it needs any help). Not only is Lansdale putting out a book e-book-only, he's doing so with a chapter in an established series, which is a fan favorite.

Other Hap and Leonard stories include:

Savage Season (1990)
Mucho Mojo (1994)
Two-Bear Mambo (1995)
Bad Chili (1997)
Rumble Tumble (1998)
Veil's Visit (1999)
Captains Outrageous (2001)
Vanilla Ride (2009)
Devil Red (2011)
Hyenas: a Hap and Leonard Novella (2011)

If you haven't read any of Lansdale's work, and you liked to be entertained (and don't have a weak stomach), do yourself a favor and start digging into his works.

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