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Caravan of Death Victims Identified in Chile

On September 11, 1973, Socialist leader of Chile Salvador Allende was overthrown by military forces under the command of Augusto Pinochet. Following this successful coup, Pinochet would seat himself atop Chile’s government and would remain as dictator of Chile for the next 17 years. During that time, 40,018 people were subject to human rights violations, and another 3,065 people were …

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Michelle Bachelet Wins Chilean Presidential Election

Only once in America’s 237 year history has a president been elected to serve non-consecutive terms. That president was Grover Cleveland, who served as our 22nd President from 1885-1889 and our 24th President from 1893-1897. While the event is uncommon here in the United States, it happened for the first time in Chile’s 23 year old democracy this Sunday when …

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Chile Coup; A Time Of Past Suffering But Future Hope

September 11th is a day haunted by historical suffering and injustice. On September 11, 1973, military leaders instigated a controlled attack on the Chilean presidential compound belonging to socialist Salvador Allende, thus ending his leadership. Recent investigations purported that Salvador Allende took his own life as General Augusto Pinochet’s soldiers surrounded the presidential compound. Judge Mario Carroza is the man …

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