Twitter Launches Audio Cards With SoundCloud As A Partner

Twitter Launches Audio Cards With SoundCloud As A Partner

By Chris Crum October 17, 2014

Twitter announced a new audio card that lets users listen to audio directly from their timelines. The first partner on board is SoundCloud. The feature works on iOS and Android devices as well as the desktop. Here’s an example from …

Here's Apple's EarPods Promo Video Here's Apple's EarPods Promo Video
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Apple revealed the iPhone 5 yesterday, but they also debuted a handful of other products: among them, the new “EarPods,” which come with the device. “Just like fingerprints, ears are unique parts of the body,” says Apple. “Which means earbud …

Feature Phones Get Audio Upgrade Feature Phones Get Audio Upgrade

Audience, a leading global provider of advanced voice and audio processors for mobile products, released its earSmart technology today, to enable more clear voice calls for feature phones. According to Audience, earSmart is an intelligent voice processor that delivers a …

Audio Tech Company Audience Files For $75 Million IPO Audio Tech Company Audience Files For $75 Million IPO

Audience, the self described “leading provider of intelligent voice and audio solutions that improve voice quality and the user experience in mobile devices,” has filed its S-1 to raise $75 million in its IPO. Audience is backed by Microsoft cofounder …

Mixcloud Aims to Become “YouTube of Radio”
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Mixcloud, an online radio site, which aims to be the "YouTube of radio," has just launched to the public. The site, which is based in London, aims to make radio more social, personal, and democratic. The public is taking notice. Mixcloud is already creating a lot of buzz, and has made the trending topics on Twitter.

Tool Launched for Audio Status Update Creation

Oddcast has released an interesting new audio status-updating tool for publishing your voice to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. You may recognize the company from its SitePal service, which provides animated characters for websites.

The new tool called AudioPal lets users create 60-second personal voice messages that can be posted to their personal web pages, blogs, and social networks.

Google Launches Google Listen Android App
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Google has quietly released a new Labs project for Android. It’s called Google Listen and is described as a personalized audio news-magazine loaded with fresh and interesting content whenever it is turned on.

Google Axes Radio Ads

Google is now shutting down its radio advertising business. This comes about a month after Google announced the shut down of its print advertising business, not to mention Google Notebook, Jaiku, Google Catalog Search, Mashup Editor, Dodgeball, and uploading to Google Video.

YouTube Enhances Embedded Search and Audio Library

YouTube has a couple of new things going on worth noting. First off, if you nave not noticed by now, embedded YouTube videos now carry a search box at the top. This only appears when you mouseover the top portion of the video, and disappears when you move away.

Coolest Occupation On The Planet

This dude has the coolest job in the world. He’s the audio engineer at Austin City Limits and has been for decades.

Anyone have a cooler job? It’s my goal to meet all the people in the world with cool jobs. I figure that’ll keep me busy for at least a few months. :-)

One way you know that they have a cool job? They don’t leave.


SES Round-up
Jolina and Mike had a great time at the Search Engine Strategies conference in Chicago. Not only is it the windy city, but a festive, cold and snowy one too by the sounds of it.

Off to Speak at SES Chicago

Brrr!  I am off to Chicago in the morning to speak at SES. Temperatures below freezing and snow already on the ground.  For a little African lizard like me used to blazing heat it’s way too cold.  I bought myself some thermal underwear and pulled out my down parka and off I go.

MP3Tunes Fights EMI’s Funky Lawsuit Music
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A lawsuit brought forth by recording industry giant EMI against MP3Tunes again raises some fundamental questions about digital music ownership and link aggregation.

BlogWorld: Future Of New Media Includes Audio

A lot of the blogs you’ll see are all text; there are also plenty featuring only video.  But according to Leo Laporte, a sweet spot exists around the concept of podcasting.

Ads Now Available Through Google, Clear Channel

Agreements are good and well, but it’s usually the results that count.  And Google’s got results; thanks to its relationship with Clear Channel Communications, AdWords advertisers should now have access to over 1,700 radio stations.

Why Isn’t Audio Podcasting Mainstream?

I’ve had this post in mind for a couple months now. I’ve put it off due in part to my travel schedule and in part because I wanted to chew on it a bit more. It’s certainly not a new topic; in fact, it’s well-worn territory:

Why hasn’t audio podcasting become mainstream?

Is Google Hitting Directory Links?
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Algorithmic flux or selective penalization? Nobody’s sure and nobody that can answer is talking so far, but paid link directories have been plummeting in Google search results. Many are not ranking for their own business name, according to reports, even though webmasters have not received penalty notices.