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ATMs Hacked With USB Drives for Cash

The BBC is reporting that hackers have found a way to get Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) to spit out cash, and even have systems worked out that allow them to return to the same machines over and over again to continue draining them of bills. Details of how the hackers were pulling off the cyber-heists were presented at the Chaos …

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NBA Star Deshawn Stevenson Has a Working ATM in His Kitchen

I don’t know about you, but my kitchen is pretty basic: Oversized microwave from the mid-80’s, stove with one burner that doesn’t work, a refrigerator that’s probably older than I am — you know, typical working-class appliances stuffed into a space that’s dedicated to the preparation and consumption of mass quantities. Then again, I’m not an NBA player with more …

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Zuckerberg Has Trouble at the ATM

With Zuckerberg’s billions, you would think he would know how to use an ATM. This video from Italian TM News shows Zuckerberg going up to the ATM, which doesn’t work for him. He then asks people around him if they know if there is something wrong with it. Then finally gives up and leaves in a taxi. He is on …

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Bank of America ATM’s Turned Into ‘Automated Truth Machines’

If you’re trying to build momentum for a cause you believe in, many times it takes something creative to cause a stir. Just look at a few of our SOPA related articles. You can add this bit of activist mischief to the annals of creative protest history. The Rainforest Action Network (RAN) and The New Bottom Line teamed up to …

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