Zuckerberg Has Trouble at the ATM

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With Zuckerberg's billions, you would think he would know how to use an ATM. This video from Italian TM News shows Zuckerberg going up to the ATM, which doesn't work for him. He then asks people around him if they know if there is something wrong with it. Then finally gives up and leaves in a taxi.

He is on his honeymoon in Italy with new wife Priscilla Chan, who looks indifferent to the fact that they can't get any money out. It's surprising that he doesn't carry about 20 freshly minted 200 Euro notes in his wallet at all times. He could have stuffed that backpack full of them and called it chump change.

Some people have pointed out on Gizmodo's discussion board that a lot of European ATMs will only identify cards with security chips in them. The U.S. is behind on this technology, only offering the chips on some cards - Which pretty much makes them useless, as most ATMs don't recognize them.

Zuckerberg simply ran into one of those inconveniences that sometimes happen during travel. I'm sure he went to a bank or other money transfer service and had no problem walking out with stacks of cash.

[via: Gizmodo]

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