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Sony, Panasonic Announce Blu-ray Successor

Though cloud storage has become the preferred data storage and backup method for many consumers, the speed and convenience of a physical disc is still sometimes necessary. In that respect the Blu-ray format has been moderately successful as a storage format. Last summer Sony and Panasonic announced an agreement to jointly develop a new optical disc technology. This week those …

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The Zuckerberg Files: Archiving Every Single Thing Mark Zuckerberg Has Ever Said

Mark Zuckerberg has made a lot of money convincing people that they should contribute to a public, permanent record of everything they’ve ever said or done. Now, in a project that can only be described as the most poetic of justice, everything that Mark Zuckerberg has ever said is going to be available, for scrutiny, in one location. A new …

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Archify Is A Tool You Might Actually Want Tracking Everything You Do Online

Sometimes people actually wish everything they did was tracked online. That may be a hard concept for some to swallow, but surely you’ve encountered an experience where you ran across some piece of online content, but then want to see it again, days later, only to realize that you can’t find it. You can’t remember where you saw it, and …

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