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USPS Clothing Line to be Sold Next Year

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has announced a new partnership with Cleveland apparel manufacturer Wahconah Group. The companies will create the “Rain Heat & Snow” line of apparel and “accessory products.” The clothes will be designed around the unofficial USPS …

NBA: Sleeved Uniforms Announced For the Warriors

Adidas and the Golden State Warriors this week unveiled a new uniform with “modern” short sleeves. The uniform is also the team’s lightest uniform ever – 26% lighter than current Warriors uniforms. “Players on every court like to have a …

Skyrim Arrow In The Knee Shirt Brings Back Dead Horse Meme
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I used to think this joke was funny. Then, like most denizens of the interwebs, I saw it everywhere and it lost any semblance of humor. Then, I saw this shirt – and I’m pretty sure that I want it. …

A Facebook Shower Curtain? A Facebook Shower Curtain?

Are you so addicted to Facebook to the point you want to decorate your dwelling with a look and feel that matches the Facebook layout? What about your shower curtain? If so, you’re in luck. Introducing the Social Shower Curtain, …

Display Advertising Appeals To American Apparel
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The clothing maker topped apparel makers in an analysis of top brands for display advertising online in April.