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Will Facebook Be Destroyed on November 5th? Will Facebook Be Destroyed on November 5th?
· 15

What would you do if Facebook was no more? Tweet more? I bet Google+ would open up invites even more in the event of a total Facebook collapse. We all might be faced with that reality, says hacktivist group Anonymous. …

Is This The Face of Anonymous and LulzSec? Is This The Face of Anonymous and LulzSec?
· 1

A British teenager, who prosecutors say is a top member of hacktivist groups Anonymous and LulzSec, was released today on bail. The 18-year-old Jake Davis has no criminal record. Davis, known as “Topiary” on the web, is being charged in …

Anonymous Hacks Government Contractors IRC Federal, Claim Today #F*ckFBIFriday Anonymous Hacks Government Contractors IRC Federal, Claim Today #F*ckFBIFriday
· 3

Today another target was hit in the #AntiSec movement, as IT company IRC Federal was attacked by hacktivist group Anonymous. IRC Federal is a government-contracted IT firm that, according to the Anonymous release, boats ties with the FBI, Army, Navy, …

Internet Freedom Around The World [VIDEO] Internet Freedom Around The World [VIDEO]
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The Internet doesn’t mean the same thing everywhere in the world. Depending on where you go, access to all parts of the web can be limited to varying degrees. Governments and ruling parties in some countries limit access to the …

Anonymous Takes Down the US Chamber of Commerce Anonymous Takes Down the US Chamber of Commerce
· 3

As the battle between those who are bound and determined to protect intellectual property (IP) and those who want free reign over the Internet continues to make the news as reports of the Anonymous group lashing out against the potential …

Anonymous Targets The Protect IP Bill Anonymous Targets The Protect IP Bill
· 6

Google is not the only well-known public entity that’s decrying the unfortunate Protect IP bill, a would-be tool of an entertainment industry desperately trying to maintain control over the concept of intellectual property, a muddled subject on the best of …

PlayStation Network to be Hacked Again? PlayStation Network to be Hacked Again?
· 248

If these latest rumors have merit, then it really couldn’t get any worse for Sony. CNET is exclusively reporting that an undisclosed group of hackers are planning another attack on the PSN as early as this weekend.  From CNET: An …

Sony Passes The Buck, Blames Anonymous Sony Passes The Buck, Blames Anonymous
· 13

In what’s playing out as a “it wasn’t us, it was them” level of whining, Sony is working as hard as it can to remove themselves as the responsible party in regards to the PlayStation Network outing. Their latest move …

PlayStation Network Down, Latest Update Admits “External Intrusion” PlayStation Network Down, Latest Update Admits “External Intrusion”
· 206

Since Wednesday of last week the PlayStation Network, Sony’s online gaming platform, has been offline.  Last weekend saw the launch of two major games for the console, Mortal Kombat and Portal 2, which much to the chagrin of gamers are …

Anonymous Joins the Middle Eastern Fray

While the Egyptian Revolution is not being televised — not as long as President Murbarak is in power, anyway — it is certainly receiving extensive coverage on the Internet, with Twitter and Facebook being the primary resources. Now, thanks to some Denial of Service attacks aimed at Murbarak supporters, the Anonymous group has offered their support to the Egyptian protesters with the only way they know how:

Creating Internet chaos.

Anonymous Wikileaks Avengers: We Don’t Want Your Credit Card Info or to Prevent You From Shopping
· 22

"Anonymous" is an "Internet gathering" of people that has perpetrated Operation Payback, which took down MasterCard.com, Visa.com and others, because of how they’ve handled their relationships with Wikileaks, has issued a press release in attempt to clarify what it is trying to do. 

Anonymous Comment Costs School Employee His Job

Most of us have blogs, right? How do you react to anonymous vulgar comments? Hit SPAM, right? Yeah, me too. And so did the Director of Social Media for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Kurt Greenbaum. The first time. But when the anonymous commenter again posted the single-word vulgarity, Greenbaum tracked his IP address—to a school.

Hacker Claims Responsibility For Palin Email Breach
· 13

It’s not been a good week, online or off, for the McCain campaign, but it’s been especially brutal online. The biggest news, aside from the obvious fundamentally strong economic crisis occurring Monday, has been the hacking of Sarah Palin’s email account.

Google Israel Compelled to Expose Blogger

Slav Ben Ari sends in this news bit from his blog – I cannot read Hebrew and can’t confirm this info:

Court: Blogspot Blogger May Remain Anonymous

Mayer Fertig at the Jewish Star on November 2nd reports (my link/ emphasis):

Anonymous Users Contribute Best Wikipedia Posts?

If you come across an anonymous user on Wikipedia, he or she may be a vandal.  But according to new data, there’s also a good chance that the person is one of the site’s most valuable contributors.

Nintendo Sacks Anonymous Blogger

You can’t help, from a reasonable Internet distance, but like her; she’s sexy, irreverent, and smart, everything you should like and fear in a gal. But she goofed, at least a little, and unfair or not, Nintendo is the latest corporate entity to can an employee for blogging.

(non)Value of Open Communities

Many web companies significantly profit from the appearance that they are open, but anything of value eventually needs to have some limitations placed on it. In spite of no longer having MovableType installed on this server, the mt-comments file is one of my most requested files. Registration moves you away from The Tragedy of the Commons to something more sustainable.

FTC Angered By CEO’s Yahoo Forum Posts
· 2

The Federal Trade Commission would like to scuttle the proposed takeover of Wild Oats Markets by Whole Foods, and will point to anonymous Yahoo Finance forum posts by Whole Foods’ CEO as a reason to do so.

Why the Mainstream Media’s Still Important
Google is willing to give sites like Forbes a top ranking for keywords like SEO just because they published a recent article mentioning the topic. In a world where Google is closing more holes, them opening up the organic results to news sites is a treat to public relations firms.

Domain Names & Defensible Traffic

Andy Hagans recently posted about his linkbait marathon strategy to rank his sites at the top of the search results. Brian Provost posted about his love for domaining. Domain names may play a big roll not only in anchor text, but also in overall domain credibility, linkability, and defensibility.

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