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Anna Politkovskaya: Justice Not Served?

For the family of slain investigative reporter Anna Politkovskaya, the sentencing of five men deemed responsible for her death did not leave them with any sense of closure. Instead, the trial and sentencing has left one very important question unanswered: Who led the conspiracy to kill her? The Ukrainian journalist was known for her outspoken opinion on topics ranging from …

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Anna Politkovskaya Murderers Given Life In Prison

Two of the five men found guilty for the 2006 killing of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya were handed life sentences on Monday by the Moscow city court. The other three men convicted have received prison sentences of 12, 14, and 20 years for their role in the murder. Politkovskaya, known for uncovering government corruption and human rights abuses as well …

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Anna Politkovskaya: A Russian Court Convicts Five Men Of Murder

On Tuesday, five men were convicted of murdering Anna Politkovskaya, a Russian investigative journalist. In 2006, Politkovskaya was found dead with two gunshots in the chest, one in her shoulder, and one in the head. Of the five men who were convicted, three had already been acquitted in a previous trial. According to reports, Politkovskaya was documenting human rights violations …

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