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A Funny Look at Getting Verified on Twitter [VIDEO] A Funny Look at Getting Verified on Twitter [VIDEO]
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For those of you who love Twitter and wish to have influence on the network, the sad fact is that you’ll probably never be verified. No matter how hard you try, Twitter isn’t likely to contact you directly, expressing their …

Popchips Ad Pulled For ‘Racist’ Content
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This ad from the Popchips website and Facebook page has been pulled after an outcry about its “racist” content. Among the offended was tech entrepreneur Anil Dash, who called it “a hackneyed, unfunny advertisement featuring Kutcher in brownface talking about …

Knol Recieving A lot of Criticism

Anil Dash, blogger and Six Apart employee, argues that Google has fundamental problems with creating good editing tools because they can’t really put themselves in the mind of the end user.