Black Friday Ads 2014: Best of Amazon

Black Friday Ads 2014: Best of Amazon

By Kimberly Ripley November 25, 2014

Black Friday ads for 2014–what does Amazon offer? Quite a bit, especially if you’re shopping for electronics. In fact, they have a pretty impressive list of wares that Black Friday shoppers will likely make note of and compare to other …

Amazon Announces Service Center in Winchester, KY Amazon Announces Service Center in Winchester, KY

Kentucky State Governor Steve Beshear (pictured to the right) and Amazon.com are excited to introduce a new project in Winchester, Kentucky that could employ over 1100 people by the year 2017. Amazon is investing over $20 million in a 70,000 …

Amazon.Com Q1 2012 Financial Report Amazon.Com Q1 2012 Financial Report
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Yesterday Amazon.com released their first quarter financial results for 2012, and all seems to be going well. Net sales have increase by 34% to almost $13.2 billion as compared to the same period in 2011 ($9.9 billion). Operating cash flow …

Amazon Introduces Supply For Business & Industrial Customers Amazon Introduces Supply For Business & Industrial Customers

Amazon.com has just introduced another convenient and affordable supply service, this time for business and industrial customers. The new service, AmazonSupply, features over 500,000 items from leading name brand manufacturers. Amazon lists the following 14 categories in their release about …

Amazon.com Loved The Most Among American Shoppers Amazon.com Loved The Most Among American Shoppers

Store-front displays are so 2011. At least, that would be the interpretation of a new survey released by Brodeur Partners as shoppers named Amazon.com the most relevant retailer above all other retailers, including the brick-and-mortar standbys such as Target, Wal-Mart, …

America Is Impatient Thanks To The Internet America Is Impatient Thanks To The Internet

The Internet sure is great, isn’t it? It allows us to conveniently search for information, shop and be entertained all from the comfort of our homes. That convenience comes with a price – we’re all turning into impatient jerks. Online …

Amazon.com Speculated To Launch in India, Calls Itself Junglee.com Amazon.com Speculated To Launch in India, Calls Itself Junglee.com

Sources say that Amazon.com is developing a website for India called Junglee.com. According to the source, the page isn’t operational as of yet, but it is reportedly still in the developmental stages. Amazon.com is already preparing to launch a marketplace …

Amazon Launches DNS Cloud Service

 Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched Amazon Route 53, a Domain Name System (DNS) in the cloud that allows businesses to direct Internet traffic to web applications.

Amazon Route 53 can be used to route end users to multiple AWS services including Amazon EC2, an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer or an Amazon S3 bucket, and to infrastructure outside of AWS.

Route 53 features a self-service design with a pay-as-you-go model where users pay only for managing domains through the service and the number of queries that the service answers.

Amazon.com Launches Motion Gaming Site

Amazon.com has introduced “Amazon Motion Gaming 101,” a new section in its video game store aimed at offering information about motion-gaming technology.

The site focuses on providing easy-to-find information about motion-sensitive gaming, including educational videos, customized game recommendations, customer reviews, buying guides and gift suggestions.


Amazon Makes Checkout Easier On Third-Party Sites
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Amazon.com has introduced “Checkout by Amazon” (CBA) that allows people with accounts to make purchases on third-party sites using their Amazon account credentials without having to leave the merchant’s site.

Amazon says by streamlining the checkout process for customers that it reduces the potential for shopping car abandonment for merchants.


Amazon Launches Own Brand
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Amazon.com has announced the launch of its own private-label collection of consumer electronics dubbed "AmazonBasics."

Amazon says its new line includes audio video cables and blank DVDs. The company said it plans to add more items in the coming months, but did not offer specifics.

Amazon Q4 Sales Up 18 Percent
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Amazon.com has released its fourth quarter results for December 2008 beating expectations.

 The company’s sales increased 18 percent to $6.70 billion in the fourth quarter, compared with $5.67 billion in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Black Friday Online Sales Better Than Anticipated

After numerous online retailers predicted dismal sales on Black Friday, it looks like their nervousness may have been a bit premature.

Both eBay and Amazon saw consumer turnout higher than expected, most of which was searching for electronics of course. Reuters is reporting that the most searched for product on eBay was the Nintendo Wii, which 3,171 were sold on the site.

Amazon.com Black Friday Deals Page Now Live
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Amazon.com has announced it is now offering Black Friday deals beginning today that will run through Cyber Monday.

The online retailer is also offering customers a chance to win a $10,000 Amazon.com Shopping Spree in the Black Friday Sweepstakes. The Black Friday sweepstakes closes at 11:59 p.m. PST, November 30.

Amazon To Reduce Packaging Materials
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Amazon.com announced Monday an initiative to reduce the amount of packaging materials some of its products are shipped in with the idea to make them easier for customers to open and to be better for the environment.

Amazon Introduces Two New Payment Services
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Amazon.com has introduced two new online payment services that other retailers can use on their Web sites.

The new payment services, Checkout By Amazon and Amazon Simple Pay offer businesses another payment option besides PayPal and Google Checkout.

Overstock.com Sues New York Over Tax Law
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Overstock.com has filed a lawsuit challenging New York’s new tax law that requires online retailers with affiliates in New York to collect New York sales tax. The state maintains those affiliates count as a physical presence.