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Video Game Alphabet Plays Other Alphabets

Video Games have been in our hearts since most of us were either little kids or even from the time we were born because our parents played. So now if you have kids, or are going to have kids, you can use this handy-dandy video game alphabet that any gamer can easily understand. Or if you are a teacher and …

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Superhero Alphabet Saves Other Alphabets From Lameness

Superhero alphabets come and superhero alphabets go. In my opinion, this superhero alphabet is here to stay. If no other reason than it has WWE superstars the Undertaker and Edge in it! The alphabet was put together by RenĂ© Mambembe fro mNantes, France, and is titled “Helvetica, My Hero.” The use of Helvetica is cool if only because it might …

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Superhero Film Alphabet Smashes Other Alphabets

Not all superheros are Reed Richards, but I’m sure that most of them can at least spell right? The villains? I’m not so sure. Just in case they can’t spell, a chart was made to help them learn the alphabet. SOme of the letters are easy, others are incredibly difficult. A is for Amazing Spiderman, B is for Batman, C …

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Star Wars Alphabet Force Chokes Other Alphabets

Star Wars fans are some of the luckiest fans alive. Not only do they have 8 awesome movies to pick from (thats right, I’m including the 2 Ewok movies), but there are cartoons, and toys, and comic books, and novels, and toys to make the expanded universe of Star Wars one of the most expansive stories ever told. The coolest …

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