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Delta New Seats, Overhead Bins To Be Installed

Delta Air Lines is planning for a huge overhaul that will effect many members of their fleet, with the renovations planned including talk of new seats, larger overhead bins, and electrical power outlets for every seat. The news comes as …

United Airlines Pulls Pre-Boarding Privileges for Parents United Airlines Pulls Pre-Boarding Privileges for Parents

If you’re one of the many individuals out there with kids, then chances are you’ve enjoyed the pre-boarding perks granted to you by various airlines over the course of your worldly travels. This gives you and your brood an opportunity …

3-Year-Old Kicked Off Flight for Refusing to Wear Sealtbelt
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3-year-old kicked off flight for refusing to wear his seatbelt has caught the attention of folks across the Internet. According to KiroTV, Mark Yanchuck and his son, Daniel, were on a red-eye flight to Miami when the incident occurred. Yanchuck …

TSA Screeners To Be Booted Out of US Airport
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In November 2010, the federal Transportation Security Administration put a freeze on airports opting to use privatized security services instead of the agency’s own employees, but a provision in a Senate bill passed last month has opened the door for …

Americans Prefer Silence For In-Flight Mobile Use
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Limited mobile phone use on airplanes may be an inconvenience for some people, but for those who want peace and quiet it is something they welcome.

A survey, commissioned by Yahoo and conducted by Harris Interactive, found that the majority of Americans, 74 percent, favor mobile phone use being restricted to non-talking features like texting and games.

Air Travelers Favor Online Services

Air travelers favor online and automated services and want to take more control of their travel experience according to the International Air Transport Association’s Corporate Air Travel Survey.