American Airlines Pilots "Tired Of Apologizing To Our Customers"

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American Airlines has had difficulty in recent history that stems from the merger with US Airways.

If you've flown American Airlines recently, you might have experienced or heard tales of delayed and cancelled flights and other frustrating circumstances.

Travelers' word of mouth has quickly given rise to a new and terrible reputation for American Airlines. I was in an airport twice over the last 12 months, both times announcements for cancelled American Airlines flights came over the speaker.

American Airlines pilots, for another group, are fed up with management.

It seems, despite the merger, management is clinging to their old ways and public relations are not improving.

American Airlines pilots of the Allied Pilots Association wrote a brutal letter to Doug Parker, the Chairman and CEO of the airline.

In the letter, American Airlines pilots wrote, "The pilots of American Airlines will not remain silent as we witness the rebirth of the toxic culture we fought so hard to eradicate."

The union went on to call out American Airlines management of using "old school, rules-based management" and "cut-throat and heartless operating methods."

The pilots of American Airlines call thier company's operations "embarrassing" and say they are "tired of apologizing to passengers."

At the conclusion, American Airlines pilots make some demands from Parker.

They include "stopping the contractual/legal abuses by the company, effective implementation of contractual provisions agreed to in the joint collective bargaining agreement and effecting/facilitating lasting and durable cultural change."

What do you think of the outrage expressed by American Airlines pilots?

Has your travel suffered at the hands of American Airlines?

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