TSA Screeners To Be Booted Out of US Airport

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In November 2010, the federal Transportation Security Administration put a freeze on airports opting to use privatized security services instead of the agency's own employees, but a provision in a Senate bill passed last month has opened the door for airports to once again apply to replace TSA screeners with private security.

The TSA is not a very popular agency, with taxpaying consumers complaining about the agency's bureaucratic disorganization and apathy, its massive $8.1 billion budget, and its controversial use of invasive body scanners. Now Orlando Sanford International Airport--one of the busiest in the United States--is planning to take advantage of the new legislation and opt out of TSA-run security screenings.

According to the Miami Herald, the airport's president announced Tuesday that he will again apply to use a privatized security service, which will operate according to federal standards and under TSA oversight.

Though the legislation allowing the opt-out was passed over a month ago, at present only 16 airports have applied to make the switch, despite the TSA's reputation of poor customer service, and even allegations of abuse. "The TSA has been keen to downplay the opportunity for airports to dispense with their screeners," reports InfoWars, "fearing a mass exodus that could undermine the justification for the agency’s continued existence, especially given the fact that its reputation has been repeatedly savaged by a number of scandals."

As word spreads about airports' ability to opt-out of TSA-run screenings, and especially if major airports like Orland Sanford set a precedent by successfully applying to privatize, we may see the TSA get the boot from even more airports in the months to come.

Image Source: Private Officer News.

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