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New England Patriots Fall To Denver Broncos

The AFC Championship was just decided in spectacular fashion at Denver. Spectacular, at least, if you were rooting for the Denver Broncos. Despite a massive win over the Indianapolis Colts at home, the New England Patriots could not take that momentum with them on the road. The Patriots spent much of the game trailing with a distant three points, the …

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Pittsburgh Steelers Win, Miss Playoffs Thanks To The Result Of Another Game

The Pittsburgh Steelers had all of the odds against them to make the playoffs coming into week 17. However, they did win their game, and almost everything else happened in order for them to make the playoffs. In order to make the playoffs, the Steelers needed to win their game, and they also needed the Ravens, Dolphins and Chargers to …

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NFL Playoff Scenarios: Week 16 Is Over, And Playoff Picture Is Wide Open?

It does not normally come to this point, but after 16 weeks of the season, several teams still have a chance to make the playoffs. In a number of possible NFL playoff scenarios, the NFC is especially wide open with only two teams that have clinched the playoffs. Meanwhile, the AFC is slightly more clear with five teams that have …

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Football Fans Prefer To Watch The Super Bowl On TV Instead Of Live

It’s been said that experiencing the real thing is much better than something fabricated, but in the case of this years Super Bowl, it seems the real thing is just not going to cut it. TechBargains.com released a survey recently in which they probed customers for information regarding the matter in which they would be viewing the game; the results …

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Pro Bowl 2012: Twitter Reacts

For all you football fans out there, the Pro Bowl was this past weekend and it was a showdown. Both the AFC and the NFC showed up ready to play and from the first snap it was a game for the books. With Brandon Marshall bringing in a Pro Bowl record 4 touchdowns, the AFC held on to beat the …

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