NFL Playoff Scenarios: Week 16 Is Over, And Playoff Picture Is Wide Open?

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It does not normally come to this point, but after 16 weeks of the season, several teams still have a chance to make the playoffs. In a number of possible NFL playoff scenarios, the NFC is especially wide open with only two teams that have clinched the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the AFC is slightly more clear with five teams that have clinched, although three teams are 8-7, and will battle it out in week 17 for the sixth spot.

The NFL has seen a number of teams go up and down throughout the year, but the two teams that have remained at the top throughout the season have remained to be the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks.

Several playoff scenarios are possible still, and fans will have to wait until the end of next week in order to find out the fate of a number of teams still.

For at least the second year in a row, the NFC East's final game between the Eagles and Cowboys will ultimately determine which team will win the division, and go to the playoffs.

The NFC North is also host to a similar situation in which the Green Bay Packers will be playing the Chicago Bears with the winner taking the division. It is a bit of an odd year for the NFC North, a division that saw the Detroit Lions have a record of 6-3, only to see their season crumbling down after losses in five of their past six games, and losing the opportunity to play in the post-season.

Things have changed somewhat since the scenarios were released at the end of week 15, with the AFC getting the four teams other than the Broncos in, and the Panthers have also clinched since then, becoming the only other NFC team to receive a berth other than the Seahawks.

This was certainly the year for Detroit to win, since the Bears and Packers have been playing without their starting quarterbacks for much of the season, but continued to beat themselves with turnovers throughout the second half of the season.

Turning to the NFC West, things get really interesting as the Seattle Seahawks are the only team to have clinched a playoff spot in the division, and were the first in the league to do it, but two other teams have playoff-worthy records.

The 49ers and Cardinals both have playoff-worthy records, and if the 49ers are to win tonight, then they would already clinch a spot, although if they win next week, along with the Panthers and Seahawks losing, then they have a chance to earn the top spot in the playoffs. However, if the 49ers were to lose, both teams would have a record of 10-5, before playing each other in week 17.

The New Orleans Saints are also fighting for the second wild card spot in the NFC, and are likely to get it with their final game being against the Buccaneers.

Things are shaping up a lot easier with the NFL playoff scenarios in the AFC, as five of the spots are already secured, but the sixth could go to one of four different teams- Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, and San Diego Chargers. The scenarios for each of those teams getting in can get very complicated, and while the Miami Dolphins currently sit in the sixth position, a win will not be enough to get them in.

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