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Google Extends Ad Targeting Based on Browsing History. Good or Bad? Google Extends Ad Targeting Based on Browsing History. Good or Bad?
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Remember Google’s interest-based advertising? You know, where they serve you ads based on your browsing history, and allow advertisers to behaviorally target users? It has now rolled out on a mass scale after a two-year beta run. All advertisers can …

Should Google Display Click Counts on Ads? Should Google Display Click Counts on Ads?
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Google is testing an AdWords feature that displays how many clicks an ad has received for a particular advertiser. It’s unclear how widespread the testing is, and whether or not Google will actually turn this into an available feature on …

Google Aims to Improve Estimates for Clicks, Costs, Positions in AdWords Google Aims to Improve Estimates for Clicks, Costs, Positions in AdWords
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Google just announced that it had made an adjustment to the algorithm it uses to provide traffic estimates in AdWords. The change, the company says, should improve stats for estimated clicks, cost, and ad position. This data can be seen …

Google Lets Advertisers Target Tablets Beyond the iPad (Watch Out for Increased Costs) Google Lets Advertisers Target Tablets Beyond the iPad (Watch Out for Increased Costs)

As one of about a hundred announcements from the company today, Google said it is developing new targeting options for advertisers, including a way to target tablet users. In a post on Google’s InsideAdwords blog, Nathania Lozada writes, “In the …

Is Search Advertising the Worst Form of Advertising? Is Search Advertising the Worst Form of Advertising?
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What is the best form of advertising? Not search, according to a report published this week. In fact, Josh Shatkin-Margolis of AdAge goes so far as to call search the “worst form of advertising”. Do you agree? Tell us what …

Google AdWords Instant Previews Could Save You Some Money Google AdWords Instant Previews Could Save You Some Money

Google has launched Instant Previews on AdWords ads. You may recall when Google launched Instant Previews for search results. These let the user click the little magnifying glass to get a visual preview of what the site will look like …

Google Announces Free Phone Support For AdWords Customers Google Announces Free Phone Support For AdWords Customers
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Today, a major change to the way Google deals with advertisers’ questions and problems is taking place.  AdWords users will no longer be limited to receiving support via email and various online resources; now they can call a toll-free number …

Google Media Ads Launched for AdWords Google Media Ads Launched for AdWords
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Google announced the launch of a new ad format for AdWords today – the Media Ad format. These ads allow advertisers to place emphasis on video from the search results page. The new format works a little differently than the …

AdWords Location Targeting Gets Improvements
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Google has launched some better location-targeting controls for AdWords advertisers. Now, you can target or exclude specific physical user locations. “By physical location, we mean the place where the user is actually located, such as ‘New York City,’ instead of …

Spaces Between Keywords In AdWords Display URLs
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Seeing some strange Adwords tests this morning, with spaces between words in Adwords display urls when they contain a keyword in (or matched) to the query. Screenshot below for ‘theatre breaks’ as an example. Notice the spaces in the display …

Google Toughens Stance On Counterfeit Goods
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Counterfeit goods tend not to make anyone happy in the long run.  Buyers are frustrated when logos rub off and products fall apart.  Manufacturers don’t like the cheap competition.  And organizations that help connect the two come under fire from …

Google Gives Small Businesses A Bunch of Free Resources, $100K in Ad Spend
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This year, Google says it is going to "help businesses, great and small, get the most out of the Internet." The company has selected five small businesses from different areas and given them $100,000 in AdWords spend for the year, along with free consultations with AdWords reps, and free wireless service for the year.

But that’s not all. They gave the businesses brand new laptops and smartphones,  free "green" environmental consulting, a year of free accounting and financial services, and a free webmaster.

Google Updates Ad Preview Tool
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AdWords advertisers who prefer not to go with the "guess and check" method when trying to attract customers are in luck.  This afternoon, Google announced some improvements to its Ad Preview Tool, allowing users to get a good idea of how their ads will appear without wasting any time or money.

Irrelevant Keywords Can Be Costly
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Some Google AdWords advertisers are not pleased with what they are finding in Google’s Search Query Performance reports for their campaigns. These reports show advertisers what keyword queries are surfacing their ads, and some are finding some of these keywords questionable. 

Google Changes Display URLs for AdWords Ads
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Google will be changing the way display URLs look in AdWords ads in the next week or so. The domain portion of the display URL will always be showing in lowercase letters.  For example, Subdomain.Example.com/Subdirectory will appear as subdomain.example.com/Subdirectory. Google suggests that the move can actually boost clickthrough rates. 

Google Tries to Thank Advertisers with Bees, Dominoes, and Moon Writing

Last month, Google celebrated the ten year anniversary of AdWords, and now the company has taken the time to thank all of the businesses who have used AdWords to advertise. 

Google Lets Advertisers Use Seller Ratings Extensions in Mobile Ads
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Google announced that its extending its Seller Ratings extensions for AdWords ads to mobile. These let advertisers show users when they have positive ratings, which can of course inspire clicks. 

Google Completes AdWords Birthday Tribute

One month ago, Google invited marketers to create short videos in celebration of AdWords’s tenth birthday.  Now, the company’s finished piecing together a YouTube-centric tribute of sorts, and the creation might also act as free advertising for more than a few companies.

Google Announces Tools and Resources to Help Businesses Go Global
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Google made some announcements aimed at getting businesses to use Google to reach a global audience. These include a new resource site for doing just that, and a new tool called Global Market Finder, designed to help businesses identify markets with high demand for their products or services. 

Google Adjusts AdWords Alcohol Policy

Google has made changes to its advertising policy on alcohol for AdWords. The company now allows ads to promote the sale of hard alcohol and liquor. 

Over two years ago, Google revised its alcohol policy from not allowing alcohol ads to begin permitting beer, champagne, and wine ads. A couple months later the company revised its policy again to allow the promotion of hard liquors and liqueurs. Now Google has revised it once again. 

Google Launches New “Click Type” Reports for AdWords

Google has added a new kind of report to AdWords called "Click Type". This is designed to help marketers measure how different elements of AdWords ads impact their clicks, clickthrough rates and conversions.