Google Enhanced Campaigns Get Social Annotations, Availability For Mobile App Advertisers

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Google announced social annotations and for enhanced campaigns and enhanced campaigns for mobile app advertisers today.

Google announced enhanced campaigns earlier this year as the next evolutionary phase of AdWords. The move, which was designed to provide advertisers with the ability to manage bids across devices from a single campaign, has been a controversial one with some advertisers embracing it and others decrying it. Bing has even tried to capitalize on the controversy, telling advertisers it won't implement the same strategy.

According to Google, over 1.5 million campaigns have already been upgraded to enhanced campaigns.

The new social annotations tie into Google+. "Starting today, enhanced campaigns will include social annotations when they can improve ad performance, without additional edits to campaign settings," explains Christian Oestlien, Director of Product Management for the Google Display Network. All you need is a Google+ page with a significant number of followers and a linked website that matches the URL in your search ads."

Social Annotations

Discussing enhanced campaigns for mobile app advertisers, Oestlien says, "Apps have become a significant part of people’s everyday mobile experiences. In fact, US consumers spend an average of 127 minutes per day using mobile apps. Advertisers can now reach app users, with ads in apps, based on people’s context like location, time of day and device, with enhanced campaigns. For example, if a certain mobile app has the most usage on Saturday evenings, you can increase your bid adjustments for mobile and this time of day to reach these users. You can also adjust bids across the key display signals like demographics, interests, topics and remarketing at the ad group level. All of these powerful bidding tools will enable you to reach the right people with the right ads."

Google has regularly been hosting webinars discussing how to get the most out of enhanced campaigns. Another one will take place on Tuesday.

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