Men’s Health Magazine: The Non-Sexist Advice They SHOULD Have Given

Men’s Health Magazine: The Non-Sexist Advice They SHOULD Have Given

By Toni Matthews-El October 8, 2014

Men’s Health magazine learned the hard way that they are coming to men about women and sports from the wrong century. The publication posted a teaser to an advice column meant to help men talk sports with women. That is, …

ACCM: Put The Squeeze On PPC

Pay per click advertising programs present work for the business professional, but there are ways to extract a little more value out of them.

Google Gives Advice On Universal Search

Google had posted ‘recommendations on how to take advantage of universal search‘ last year, in an effort to let the webmasters receive more relevant search traffic. In spite of this previous post, at the SMX West conference last month ‘universal’ and ‘personalized’ search remained the core of the conference topics.

Advice for Reputation & Brand Management

Recently I had a chance to post at WPW some reputation management help for Rebecca Kelly from SEOmoz.org. Here is the thread from WPW:

Reputation Management Advice

Get Free Advertising Advice From Google

The Google AdWords blog had a post today that caught my attention. The AdWords Optimization Team is accepting requests from advertisers who want feedback on their campaigns. Simply fill out a request form and tell Google about your business and advertising goals.

Building Your Attention, Traffic, Trust, & Subscriber Base

Some Things Only Spread Because Who is Behind Them

I recently created an Internet marketing mind map and published it on my tools subdomain with a link to it from tools.seobook.com, but nobody mentioned it. A few days later I blogged about it on SeoBook.com and dozens of webmasters linked to it. Same publisher, same content, drastically different results…because one channel has attention while the other does not.

Suze Orman Gives Finance Advice At eBay Live

Financial expert, best-selling author and columnist Suze Orman spoke at eBay Live today, outlining a hit-list of personal finance tips. Orman’s advice centers on credit scores, retirement accounts, investments, real estate, life insurance, and wills.

Suze Orman At eBay Live!
Suze Orman At eBay Live!
Digital Asset Optimization – SEO 2.0
At the past two conferences I’ve spoken at, Search Insider Summit and Media Relations Summit, one of the popular topics that has been floating around the after session meet-ups and dinner conversations concerns the changing nature of search optimization. Some speculate SEO is on the way out. Others say social media is the new SEO.

Google Gives FCC Advice On Spectrum Auction

Looks like Google’s out to save the world again; the search engine company, which claims it won’t bid in an upcoming radio spectrum auction, is nonetheless proposing a new way for the FCC to conduct the affair.  According to Google, its method would increase competition among telecom companies (and thus benefit consumers).

SEW Live – Keyword Advice From the Pros
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There’s a lot of minutiae in managing a keyword campaign. It doesn’t seem to be merely an exercise to test your tolerance for tediousness, though – at least it pays off in the end. At SEW Live in Columbus, OH, the panel of keyword campaign experts dropped a ton of tips to act as headlamps as you dig down into the keyword mines.

Note: The information presented here pertains to CPC content (contextual) advertising, not CPC search advertising.

Corporate Social Media Management Strategies
Having helped Hitachi develop its social media plan, Jeremiah Owyang is now with PodTech and helping other corporations set up social media strategies.

Confusing Search Engine Bots?

There are two primary factors to getting a page ranked – discovery and relevancy. By and large, search engines are clever creatures, but the very best webmasters will always send out the right signals to gently guide the search engines, and in return receive great rankings for their content.

Search engines discover content using their bots (or ‘crawlers’), and determine relevancy (and by extension ranking) using advanced algorithms.

Improving Your Blog Karma

Whether you believe in karma or not, making your blog a success often has a lot to do with a series of seemingly disconnected events.  Every post you make, person you contact or comment you leave adds to the sum total of your efforts in the blogosphere. 

Building relationships is important in any industry, but blog karma is the idea that what you do and how you behave will ultimately have an effect on you directly or indirectly.  Blog karma is not often written about, but very often spoken about by bloggers, especially successful ones.  So if you did believe that blog karma does exist, how should you go about increasing yours?  Here are 10 ways you can improve your blog karma:   

Blogspot and SEO
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Well it never just rains. It has to pour. I made an offer of some free SEO reviews a while back and a nasty confluence of happenings has upset my apple cart.

But I’m going to try and get some advice out to a few more people now. And this is going to be the toughest task I’ve had in a while. You see it never dawned on me that so many folk would be on hosted blogs. Let’s just say that optimising Blogspot is not a straight forward task.

Google Maps Get Photos, Weekend Trip Advice

For some of us, there’s nothing better than a good map…well, there are some things better that decent, modest folks won’t mention…which is why we squeal (not me, I don’t squeal) with delight as we watch online mapping services get better over time.

Maybe that’s because maps are reminders that there is much, much more out there than what you’ve seen…

Easy SEM Advice That Really Isn

I read more search engine marketing blogs than you would probably ever want to. One thing that continually re-appears, even amongst the industry leaders, are endless lists of easy-sounding advice usually with a DIY (Do it Yourself) slant. They include things like:

SEO Advice for Free

Yep, free seo advice.

Last Wednesday Loren Baker announced that Search Engine Journal would be launching a new project called SEO Clinic. Every week SEO Clinic will offer advice to one selected site among those that request a review.