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Adobe Technical Support Woeful

I like Adobe Acrobat Connect. The Professional version has a lot of advantages for enterprise conferencing use. I even appear as a frequent guest speaker on Adobe’s public educational webinar series.

But fair is fair, and it is time for Adobe to face up to a glaring deficiency in its offering. Technical support for the product is woeful.

Mind you, what is available is pretty good. The online documentation for how to accomplish common tasks is clear and well written. The problem comes when that documentation doesn’t satisfy your needs as a user.

Adobe CEO Bails Out Fast

Bruce Chizen abruptly became the ex-CEO of Adobe, with current president and COO Shantanu Narayen named to replace him at the beginning of December.

Microsoft, Adobe Scribble Online Docs Products
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Adobe reached out to snap up Buzzword, an online word processor, while Microsoft looked inward to find its Office Live Workspace.

PDF Potentially A Malware Vehicle

Proof of concept code demonstrated to Secure Computing showed how Adobe’s popular Portable Document Formet could become a massive attack vector for malware distributors.

Acrobat Connect: Stronger, Faster…Better

Adobe released a Service Pack last week that enhances its Acrobat Connect and Acrobat Connect Professional web conferencing software. Service packs are often reserved for applying critical bug fixes between formal product releases, and while Service Pack 3 includes some bug fixes, Adobe is touting the upgrade as a major functional improvement to Connect.

Adobe: Ask Apple About Flash on iPhone

So, I’m sitting with Kevin Lynch, Chief Software Architect at Adobe, is proudly showing off his iPhone. That led me to ask “will we see Flash on the iPhone?” He said that I’d have to call Apple to find out about that.

Scoble on the Adobe AIR Bus

Adobe invited me to come along on part of its On AIR Bus Tour. I’ll be making the trip today up to Seattle. We leave at 6 a.m. from Adobe’s buildings in San Francisco. There’s going to be a live video feed. It’ll be interesting to see what happens. AIR stands for “Adobe Integrated Runtime” and is Adobe’s competitor to Microsoft’s .NET and Sun Microsystems Java. Basically it lets you move Web apps onto the desktop and out of the browser. Offline and all that fun stuff.

Adobe PR’s Nightmare

Last night when picking up burritos at Tres Amigos in Half Moon Bay with Patrick someone came up to me (sorry, didn’t get remember his name and even if I had, I’d keep it secret to protect the innocent) and asked “are you Robert Scoble?” He recognized me from my blog. Turns out he’s an engineer on Adobe’s Flex team. We small talked a bit.

Adobe Integrated Runtime & Flex 3

Adobe Apollo is now AIR – Adobe Integrated Runtime and the easiest way to develop for AIR is Flex Builder 3 (beta). The Flex 3 SDK is also available on Adobe Labs with nightly builds as well as a public bugbase.

Adobe Spins Up LiveCycle ES
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The financial and government sectors drove plenty of the work performed in preparing LiveCycle ES for its debut in the enterprise market.

Google Gears Grind Out Web Apps

Google announced an open source browser extension that enables web applications to run offline.

ColdFusion 8 Brands With Adobe
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ColdFusion’s latest version emerges for the first time under the Adobe brand name; it’s changed a lot since its early dot-com days of doing database calls for HTML.

MapQuest Launches ActionScript API

MapQuest has launched a new, Adobe ActionScript API that will allow developers to use a robust toolset with the benefits of ActionScript 3.0.

The Future Of Video Goes Through Adobe
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Adobe’s Media Player will debut sometime this summer. There is a good chance Adobe’s ecosystem plans for digital media will solidify its role in content creation and serving.

Adobe Illustrator: The Latest

Adobe Illustrator is one of the hardest applications I ever taught myself. Why? Cause you create imagery by manipulating little wires.

Adobe To Buy Scene7
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Adobe has announced they will purchase Scene7, a real-time rich media delivery firm. With the acquisition Adobe plans to offer and expand these interactive publishing services while maintaining the online presence of its creative technologies.

Adobe Isn’t Desperate

I’ve been playing around with Adobe Flex for a few days. Heard about them open sourcing the Flex SDK later this year. Didn’t think much of it, since it was already free. Then I read this from Dana. Maybe Dana has been wearing OSS goggles for a few too many days, but come on.

Adobe Flex Enters Open Source
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Adobe hopes to attract more developers to their Flex platform by releasing its SDK under terms of the Mozilla Public License.

Microsoft Green Lights Silverlight

Developers are buzzing about Microsoft’s latest release, Silverlight, a video plug-in application that spans video formats, allowing them to viewed through one video channel. Though there is a secret feature to be revealed in the coming weeks, the revealing of Silverlight is already being touted as an affront to Adobe.

Adobe To Launch Media Player This Summer
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Since digital media creators widely use Adobe tools to create and to distribute content, the company saw the opportunity to add playback and measurement to that ecosystem with Adobe’s just-announced Media Player.

Adobe Launches Creative Suite 3
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Adobe Systems has launched their Adobe Creative Suite 3 product line, the company’s largest software release in their 25-year history. The product line offers integrated design and development tools for graphic artists and web designers.

Creative Suite 3 brings together Adobe and Macromedia products that will give designers and developers a number of options for print, Web, mobile interactive, film and video production.