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Google, Adobe May Bring Together Chrome, Flash

Google and Adobe may be set to grow a lot closer.  A new report claims that the two companies will announce a partnership tomorrow, and that the deal will entail some form of bundling between Chrome and Flash.

Yahoo, Adobe Identified As Victims Of China Hack
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When Google made its big announcement about an attack originating from China, the company also mentioned that "at least twenty other large companies" had been affected.  Now, it’s become almost certain that one of them was Adobe, and there are signs that Yahoo was another target.

Adobe Teams With Salesforce on New Flash Builder

Adobe and Salesforce.com have partnered to launch the Adobe Flash Builder for force.com, which Adobe says increases developer productivity for creating rich Internet applications in the cloud. The product can be used to enhance existing Salesforce CRM implementations and custom-built Force.com apps, or build new apps altogether.

McAfee And Adobe Partner On Security Software
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Security firm McAfee has partnered with Adobe to develop software that will offer companies’ data protection and digital rights management.

McAfee will uses its policy-based data classification with Adobe’s policy-based document protection to allow organizations to secure business information such as intellectual property or regulatory compliance data.

Adobe Seeks to Expand its Analytics Horizons
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Omniture, one of the biggest names in web analytics, is being acquired by Adobe, in a transaction valued at $1.8 billion. Adobe will commence a tender offer to acquire all Ominture outstanding stock for $21.50 per share in cash.

The Biggest Security Hole on the Web?
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Two weeks ago, Adobe released a critical patch for Flash Player and Acrobat Reader. According to online security company Trusteer, about 80% of users are still vulnerable, and perhaps more startling, the company views this as being possibly the biggest security hole on the Internet today.

That 80% figure is based on Trusteer’s installed base of over 2.5 million online banking users of the company’s security service.

Adobe Open Sources 2 Flash Frameworks

Adobe has announced two new Flash Platform open source initiatives: Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) and the Text Layout Framework (TLF). The former is part of the project previously known as Strobe.

Adobe Approved Trust List Launches

Following Twitter’s recent problems, identity verification is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and Adobe launched a new program this morning that may play an interesting role in the field.  The Adobe Approved Trust List aims to make digital signatures more dependable.

Adobe Launches Some Flash Platform Beta Releases

Today Adobe announced the launch of some new beta releases for the Adobe Flash Platform. These are Flash Builder 4 (formerly Flex Builder), Flash Catalyst and the open source Flex 4 framework SDK.

Big Video Announcements from Adobe
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Adobe made some big announcements today at the 2009 NAB Show. News ranges from a new framework to potentially game-changing partnerships in online video and taking video to televisions.


First off, Adobe has announced a new software framework for building media players, which extends the capabilities of Flash. It’s called Strobe. Adobe says it will help establish an open industry standard for media players.

Easier Flash/Facebook Integration
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Update: More from the press release, which has since come out:

Documentation, example applications and code are now available at http://www.adobe.com/go/facebook for developers to get started building rich applications with Adobe Flash and Flex software, and Facebook Platform.

Google Gets Involved with Potential 3D Graphics Standard

Tech companies are getting together to crate an open, royalty-free standard for presenting accelerated 3-D graphics online. Included in the consortium are Google, Adobe, Intel, Apple, and others.

Google Analytics Gets A Handle On Flash
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Flash content has long posed a lot of problems for the search and webmaster communities.  Now Google – and more specifically, the newly introduced Google Analytics Tracking For Adobe Flash – intends to solve at least a few of them.

Twitter Heats Up With Brazilian Malware

Criminals placed a profile on Twitter linked to a video that delivers multiple Trojans seeking banking information from the machines they infect.

No Indexing Guarantee From Google Flash Crawls
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Just because Google says they pry out the text content from Flash files and make them searchable may mean less than webmasters think.

Adobe Helps Google, Yahoo Search Flash Files

Site publishers who love Flash for its presentation but hate its near-invisibility to search crawlers should appreciate a recent announcement from Adobe.

Adobe Posts Security Fix For Reader, Acrobat
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A code injection vulnerability in Adobe Reader and Acrobat 8.1.2 required a quick fix amid reports of an exploit for it in the wild.

Adobe’s Media Player, Not Like The Rest

The Adobe Media Player debuted this week, and after learning a little more at the launch party and trying it out myself, I’ll share a few thoughts on it. You can also find a screencast I created with the visuals (no voiceover); next time I’ll resize it and embed it, but it’s my first screencast, so I appreciate your patience.

Photoshop Express’ TOS Gets Updated

TWIP has a post out on Adobe updating their TOS for their new online Photoshop Express product. Initially some photographers had been concerned because the previous terms of service with the online service suggested that you were signing over rights of your photos to Adobe by using the service.

Adobe’s TOS now reads:

Adobe Airs It Out For Linux

Adobe will challenge the LAMP stack on the Linux platform for rich Internet application development with its AIR technology…eventually.

Photoshop Express Drives Online
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Adobe released its latest rich Internet application, an online version of its signature image manipulation program, Photoshop.

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