LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 3 Announced By Adobe


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Adobe LiveCycle helps businesses and governments automate document creation and other business processes. With the new release of LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 3, Adobe is promising software that can help organizations and government agencies "extend the value of existing business systems and processes."

LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 3 is boasting new features in the form of "enhanced data services for building enterprise and mobile applications, improved correspondences management capabilities, and streamlined content management connectors for smoother integration with MIcrosoft SharePoint and IBM FileNet." These new features are meant to "streamline internal processes, manage correspondence, and strengthen information and document security."

“LiveCycle ES3 is an integral part of the digital enterprise workflow that helps businesses and agencies harmonize backend processes and services to deliver compelling applications for customer engagement, service and communication,” said Arun Anantharaman, vice president and general manager, Adobe. “The release of LiveCycle ES3 reaffirms our commitment to customers to continue to innovate in a number of priority areas.”

LiveCycle ES3 is innovating in a number of key areas that vastly improve upon its former versions. Some of those innovations include the incorporation of LiveCycle Data Services ES3 module that's running off of a Java server framework. With Data Services ES3, users can create high-performance applications with "real-time or near real-time data, audio and video interaction." These updates also make it easier to create mobile applications.

The "correspondence management service" has also been streamlined in the latest release. This allows companies to create "individualized customer correspondence using templates, pre-approved content blocks, interactive documents and custom-authored personalization."

The new release also enhanes the mobile experience by incorporating the LiveCycle Rights Management into Adobe Reader 10.1 for iOS and Android. This allows users to view encrypted documents on their smartphones. The encryption is still present, however, if an unauthorized person accesses your phone.

If you're in the market for a program like LiveCycle ES3, check out the official Adobe Web site. There's more information there on what the new release of LiveCycle brings to businesses and government agencies.