Adobe CS6 Software Previewed, Expect Demo Next Week

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Adobe will be rolling out its new Creative Suite 6 programs at some point this year, with many signs pointing to a June release. While the Photoshop CS6 beta has been the talk of the town, other Adobe programs, like After Effects and Premiere Pro, should not be left out. These tools are expected to be demoed next week at NAB in Las Vegas, but one lucky user got an early look.

Scott Strong from The Training Farm got an early look at the features of Premiere Pro and After Effects, and he likes what he sees. He said that his "appetite is whetted" after seeing a leaked headline that said, "3D extrusion! 3D camera tracker! Variable mask feather!"

Premiere Pro is the main competitor to Apple's Final Cut Pro. Apple's video editing service faced some heavy criticism earlier this year with the newest version, but Apple has worked to fix the complaints that users had. Regardless, there might be some people who are looking for a new editing software, and Premiere Pro CS6 might be that software. Strong, from what he saw, says the new version is "moving in the direction of speedier workflow with ease of access to important tools."

Of course, nothing is more fun to play with Adobe After Effects and the new version apparently doesn't disappoint. After having a hard time finding workarounds for extruded text, Strong says the new version makes it easier to "merge live action footage that was shot with a moving camera using After Effects' 3D camera tracker to place the text in the proper 3D place."

The other big change for After Effects is that it will have two rendering engines for 3D compositions. It's called the Ray traced rendering engine, and Strong says it pushes After Effects "beyond being a 2.5D software and closer to a true 3D platform." This is achieved by Adobe embracing 64-bit processors for faster renders and more efficient RAM use.

As previously stated, these new versions of the software are expected to be shown off April 16 through 19 at NAB in Las Vegas. It remains to be seen if Adobe will release a public beta like with their hugely successful Photoshop beta.

Are you excited about Adobe CS6? Do you think Premiere Pro CS6 can take on Final Cut Pro now? Let us know in the comments.