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Mike Sorrentino Opens up about Addiction
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We briefly witnessed Mike Sorrentino’s addiction problems during the final season of “Jersey Shore”, but now “The Situation” is opening up about his battle with drugs and alcohol and is speaking out for the first time. Sorrentino blames the television …

Lamar Odom “Not Missing” According to Agent
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Lamar Odom, the 6’10 veteran forward of the NBA and husband to Khloe Kardashian, was rumored to be missing for over 72 hours on Sunday. The main cause of concern for his family and friends was suspected drug use. Over …

Study: ‘Learning’ Cocaine’s Effects Causes Addiction

A new study coming out of the University of California Berkeley and published in the journal Nature Neuroscience is purporting to explain how the frontal brain is affected by cocaine and how irrational drug-seeking behavior might result. The new conclusions …

Why Porn Acts Like a Drug [VIDEO]
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First off, nobody is here to bash porn. Like plenty of drugs, everything in moderation, right? And that’s the simple fact about porn. It is a drug. Well, at least it acts like a drug on your brain. AsapSCIENCE‘s newest …

Smokers Miss More Work, Shows Study

A new study shows that smokers take two to three more sick days per year than those who don’t, costing billions of pounds worth of lost productivity. The study, published this week in the journal Addiction, shows that smokers are …

Facebook Is Slowly Becoming the Reason to Pay the Internet Bill Facebook Is Slowly Becoming the Reason to Pay the Internet Bill
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Think of all the things that you really don’t want to do without, America: cars, indoor plumbing, birth control, pizza delivery, the Biebs. You wouldn’t enjoy life all that much without any of them, would you? If a new summary …

Twitter Is The Perfect Drug Twitter Is The Perfect Drug
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We all have our addictions. Some people are addicted to smoking, whereas others are addicted to cartoons about miniature ponies. It turns out that social networking can be just as addictive, especially Twitter. The need to get that 140 character …

Quit Smoking And Win Free Cigarettes?
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In what seems like the most ridiculous anti-smoking campaign to date, Phillip-Morris is offering free cigarettes to smokers who feature the best tips on how they quit the habit. I am not serious, of course, but I would not put …

Some Brains Just Crave Drugs Some Brains Just Crave Drugs

The University of Cambridge has come out with some very interesting research findings about addiction and the structure of our brains. An abnormality present in the fronto-striatal systems may be responsible for addiction in some people. The study compared two …

Twitter Addiction Will Not Kill You Twitter Addiction Will Not Kill You

There’s a reason there are so many clinics and support groups for people who have addictions: having one or more can cause job loss, depression, death, end relationships, debt, physical illness, and lots of other things that will lower the …

Sex, Showers, Chocolate, or Smartphones? Sex, Showers, Chocolate, or Smartphones?

Smartphones have made the transition from luxury to necessity. Think about what we rely on our smart devices for – phones calls, text messages, calendar, social media, games, web browsing, the weather, camera, maps…the list is endless. What would the …

Addicted to Social Media? Addicted to Social Media?
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I can’t remember the last time I went without my smartphone. Camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains, miles away from civilization, I still walked far enough out to get a signal and some edge service. Don’t judge, I really wanted …

Government Shutdown to Cause Mobile Device Withdrawal Government Shutdown to Cause Mobile Device Withdrawal
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Today, Washington scrambles to come up with some sort of budget compromise in order to avoid the imminent shutdown of the government.  While President Obama, Harry Reid and Speaker Boehner attempt to work out some sort of deal, many government …

A Wild Week For Facebook, And Its Users

Facebook has had quite a week. If it is true that there is no such thing as bad publicity then this week has been a social-media-collagewindfall for the social networking giant. I have even read some conspiracy theorists who believe that the whole terms of service ‘incident’ was intended. I’m not sure I can go there but to be honest it does make some sense.

Is SEO a Job or an Addiction?
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I was chatting with one of my clients today and he was noting how their site has been holding steady for a while in the top five and how he’s now nervous about updates.

Web Surfing Beats Sex And Friendship
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A survey by ad agency JWT found many people prefer to click their way to happiness on the Internet rather than seek the company of friends or lovers.

Shrink Sets Internet Addiction Alert To Orange

If you can’t be home from work for five minutes without checking your email, you may have a problem, and it may be worse than you think, says a Tel Aviv psychiatrist. You could be suffering from Internet addiction disorder, or you may just have nothing better to do.

Americans And Email Addiction
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More Americans are using portable devices to keep track of their email around the clock according to AOL’s third annual "Email Addiction" survey.

Consumers Put Vista On Hold
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Since its launch on January 30th of this year, Windows Vista has been met with lukewarm fanfare by analysts and consumers alike. According to a Harris Interactive poll, only 12 percent of those who are aware of Vista actually plan to upgrade to the new operating system.

Study Examines Video Game “Addiction”

Harris Interactive has released a report documenting its findings from a recent study evaluating the prevalence of video game addiction among youth. There is skepticism, however, surrounding how Harris defined the term “addiction” when conducting the survey.

It looks like Harris Interactive has finally managed to accomplish a feat that has baffled physical and mental health professionals for decades; they have defined addiction.

Google Files Patent For Targeting In-Game Ads
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With its purchase of Adscape, Google sent a clear message that it was looking to establish an advertising presence in the worlds of both online and offline gaming. In a patent filing, the company outlines particular strategies that it is seeking to implement to gather specific information on gamers in order to tailor personalized advertising toward them.