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Acer CEO Lanci Resigns
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Gianfranco Lanci, President and CEO of Acer has stepped down immediately according to a statement released today.  The Taiwan-based multinational PC maker announced that Chairman J.T. Wang has immediately taken over the role for the interim. Lanci, a former employee …

Acer Chrome OS Devices Said to Appear in About 2 Weeks

While reports of an upcoming tablet from Verizon to run software from Google, which would presumably compete with Apple’s iPad have captured much of the industry’s attention, it has not been revealed whether the device will run Android or Chrome OS, but Android seems the more likely fit. However, Chrome OS systems are on the way, and we may see some as early as within the next couple weeks.

Lost Toolbar Deals May Sap Yahoo’s Market Share
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Last year, both Hewlett-Packard and Acer stopped making Yahoo the default search option on their computers.  Unfortunately for Yahoo, those decisions don’t seem ready to stay in the past, as one source indicates the company might gradually lose three percentage points of market share as a result. 

Blogging Pays Off With Camaro Concept

It’s a well-known fact that most bloggers toil away in obscurity, and that a lucky few manage to obtain all sorts of fame, money, and material goods (or a talented few – I don’t mean to slight anyone).  But, oh, what goods – Jalopnik’s Ray Wert recently got his hands on a Camaro convertible concept car.

Bloggers Received Acer Laptops With Flaw

A public relations effort by Microsoft and Acer to provide a number of bloggers with Acer laptops loaded with Windows Vista became something of a PR nightmare for Microsoft; Acer has its own little issue to handle now too.

The Great PR Screw-up

The phrase “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” seems to be an appropriate idiom to describe a developing kerfuffle surrounding Microsoft’s latest blogger outreach campaign ahead of the launch of Windows Vista at the end of January.

How Bad is Windows Vista Home Basic?

Yes, Windows Vista Home Basic is not the world’s greatest operating system. Unlike XP Home, the cheapest version of Vista is actually missing a lot of things Windows enthusiasts will consider necessities.

AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology Powers Acer Notebook

Acer America introduced a new notebook series powered by AMD Turion 64 mobile technology.

Broadcom Supplies Bluetooth Functionality in Acer Notebooks

Broadcom today announced it is supplying chips and software that enable Bluetooth wireless functionality in notebook computers from Acer.