T-Mobile Gets the Galaxy Note II on October 24 [RUMOR]

    October 9, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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It’s already known that Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy Note II on every major U.S. carrier, just like it did the Galaxy S III. If history serves a a preview, however, the actual launch date for the extra-large smartphone will be different for every carrier, as will the price and version availability. In other words, it will be a confusing mess.

Today, the confusion kicks off as TmoNews reports that a leaked photo of a sales preview shows the Galaxy Note II as launching on October 24. The leaked pic also shows that the device will come in gray or white and that it will be running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean when it ships (with Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface running on top of it, no doubt).

Though this is just a rumor, TmoNews points out that October 24 is the same day that Samsung has teased a big launch event for the Galaxy Note II in New York. Could it be that Samsung has learned from the messy Galaxy S III launch? Have they actually reigned in U.S. carriers, bringing them together for a coordinated, Apple-like product launch?

The company does expect the Note II to sell over 20 million units, which is as much as the Galaxy S III has sold. Perhaps Samsung has their manufacturing pipelines in overdrive and is ready for a concerted launch effort for their newest (and largest) smartphone.

(via BGR)

  • Riley

    I would really like to upgrade to a phone like the Note 2, and hopefully it comes to T-Mobile this month. I want T-Mobile mainly because they are the only provider with unlimited data. Also, in most cases, my phone is faster than one of my DISH coworker’s LTE phones from Verizon. We like to use the DISH Remote Access app on our phones to stream live and recorded shows using the Sling Adapter that’s connected to our receivers. With how much his phone buffers, I can’t see the worth in paying so much. It’s nice being able to stream when I want without worrying about how much data I’m using!