SXSW Band Demographics

By: Mike Fossum - February 29, 2012

According to research by Sonos, the 2012 South By Southwest showcase will attract 500 bands to Austin, TX – from all over the place. The charts below show the bands’ origins worldwide, as well as where outfits are coming from in the U.S., as American bands make up over half playing the festival.

Interestingly, 2 bands are coming from Estonia (the most free online community in the world), as well as 2 more from Mozambique. As for the U.S., most bands are not surprisingly coming from Texas, New York and California, at 51, 48 and 45 respectively.

SXSW Demographic

According to SXSW’s history statement, “the classic problem facing Austin musicians was being isolated from the rest of the world here in the middle of Texas. SXSW was a way to reach out to the rest of the world, and bring them here to do business. To do that successfully, SXSW needed to appeal to people other than local artists whether they were from Austin, Ft. Worth, Chicago, Toronto, Munich or Tokyo.”

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  • Leslie Channell

    This is interesting to see where all the musicians will be coming from and exciting to see so much international representation. Just a point of clarification on the number of bands coming from Oklahoma. We in OK are excited to say that 12 Oklahoma bands were accepted as official SXSW bands for showcases, and this year 27 additional bands will be playing official Oklahoma parties. Yay for Okies!!!

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