SWAT Secret Weapon: Small, Durable Robotic Camera

By: Amanda Crum - May 3, 2012

SWAT team members have one of the most dangerous jobs there is, and while they take every available precaution to be safe, sometimes it’s just not enough. Riot gear and bullet-proof faceplates are helpful, but in some situations, more is called for.

That’s where their new secret weapon comes in: the Recon Scout. Small, lightweight, and durable, the Scout looks a bit like a dumbbell with wheels. It features a robotic camera in the middle, and can be thrown through a window or into a room to give SWAT members a better view of the situation before they go in.

But the Scout isn’t just useful for the SWAT team; firefighters and police officers can also benefit from it, and some select stations have been trying it out recently after the robot got rave reviews from soldiers who tested it out in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the Commonlaw Blog, which posted about the device, “Typical applications are likely to include checking a building prior to forced entry, locating hostages and hostiles before a rescue attempt, searching for survivors in a burning building, and inspecting the site of a chemical or nuclear release. A police task force told the FCC, after testing the Recon Scout, “We don’t feel comfortable without this thing now.”

Despite the obvious pros to using the Scout, many people have an issue with it because it needs a particular radio frequency to operate on, and amateur radio enthusiasts didn’t want it interfering. But the FCC has now regulated it for use, so hopefully we’ll see it helping out our cities’ finest over the next few years.

Amanda Crum

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  • Arnold Ziffel

    How can it be their SECRET weapon if you’ve just written about it. Something that is SECRET, by definition, has NOT been revealed.

    • ERIC


      There, now you have new terms to research in your dictionary…

      • Not Eric

        Sorry Eric, but I think it’s pretty well understood that when something is referred to as a “secret weapon”, that means it is a weapon of which the details are unknown. It’s still a weapon nonetheless. But a secret? Not anymore.

        There, now you have someone else to yell at on the internet.

        • Geez. Look at the context. It’s an article.

          “Secret weapon” is a figurative expression. Other examples: “United Airline’s new secret weapon: politeness.” “Lebron James has added a new secret weapon to his game.” And on and on and on.

          Why the need to go any further to dissect the usage of a common expression? It’s pointless. If they write about it raining cats and dogs tomorrow, are you gonna bitch about that, too?

          You’re thinking way too hard, or worse, you’re trying way too hard to be clever.

          • Not …

            Oh we have an english major now?

      • Someone other than Eric

        yeah, if it is a secret weapon, that means it is secret, not anything else. not a figurative expression you ding dong -___-

        • Not Eric, Not “Not Eric”, or any of the others listed above or below…

          Ok.. let’s settle this. First, “Secret Weapon” only applies to things unknown to one, some, most. This term does not apply to things known to all, however, due to our rediculously over-complicated language “English” in this country, there can be more than one meaning for a word or term. I will not go into giving i.e.’s or e.g.’s. I think we are all aware that this happens on a daily basis. Now that we have that out of the way… Second, why are you so worried about this anyway? Does it really matter? Who the hell cares? Why waste your time? Third, and this is probably the most important… Shut up about things that do not matter.

      • Im not Eric

        Eric you dumb as hell.

    • mike

      I agree how can something be so secret when it is revealved.. Now you have some genius copycat artist that could whip up one of these to their own advantage. A Secret is a Secret. Keep it out of dangerous people’s hands please. Duhhhhhhhh!!!!

  • Matt

    When I see video after video of SWAT teams raiding suburban houses in the middle of the night, killing animals in front of kids, terrorizing kids, destroying property etc, all to find absolutely nothing to support their reason for being their scaring the shit out of everybody, don’t tell me they have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Killing dogs in front of kids is not a description that goes with “one of the most dangerous jobs in the world”. Not to mention Police barely scratch the top ten list of most dangerous professions.

    • Mike

      How often do “see video of SWAT teams raiding suburban houses,in the middle of the night, killing animals in front of kids…”? I’m just wondering.

      • Mr. SParxx

        Well I am not sure about shooting animals and scaring children but they could always lock-up an engineering student for 5 days with no food or water, ohh sorry WRONG Law Enforcement agency we know that they are ALL VERY different. I hope they get sued right back to the stone age, power trippers.


      • kenneth wise

        @Matt, what are you refering too? I guess your job(Bitching and Griping) must be the most dangerous job in the world because i don’t see your article about solving the problems of society anywhere!If you think that’s all they do then go live in a country (Try Syria) where you can really see a person get their ass kicked and then come back here and telkl us how you solved their problems..I would love to hear it:D

    • Denda

      The way SWAT teams (have to) operate nowadays is a direct result of a system that gives everyone the ‘right to bare arms’….

    • http://webnews Steve

      I second your statement Matt 100%

  • TMAC

    So much for the SECRET WEAPON.

  • jerry

    what stops the bad guy from picking it up and tossing it/ or doing a fifty yarder to it?

    • Kevin

      The fact that it was secret! The bad guys don’t know what it does. Oh wait not anymore. Yep, you’re right, just toss it back out.

  • http://Yahoo.com Nathan

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…………………..WWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK?


  • Tim Farmer

    What would keep it from getting thrown back out a window. It could be equipped with a stun gun system for whoever tries to pick it up and get rid of it. Someone could simply pick it up and put it in the trash can.

    • me

      Now that would be pretty darn funny; especially if the robot could video the bad guy getting zapped. Funniest Home Video!

  • Fed Up

    Oh look the Police States of America get a new toy how great. How about we use less SWAT teams in general. That could actually happen if we didn’t have so much mindless crimes to enforce.

  • brad

    stop fighting sissies.
    they need to mass produce these and send them out in from of Armed Forces convoys to clear a path from the IEDs and roadside bombs…. damn.

  • MTK

    I love that if the camera doesn’t work you can still hit someone in the nuts with it or do 3 sets of 10 curls.

  • Bill

    Gee, great, now the jackbooted thugs have robots to further perpetuate their unwinnable “war on drugs.” And the militarization of the police continues. PS: Yes, cops shoot homeowners dogs on raids almost as a matter of course nowadays.

  • joe

    Here’s where they shoot the dogs you puss headed idiot!

  • http://webpronews jason

    still a wepon ! secret or not !

  • LOL liberals

    Comments in the name bro.

  • Justin Banjak

    I know the job is hard they are the first to go into danger. But I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR SUCH A WELL ARMED CIVILIAN MILITARY FORCE. And that is exactly what SWAT is. 90% are ex-military themselves.

  • Justin Banjak

    This is a example of American’s Tax dollars being used to further Opress the American people into a Nazi like Totalitarian Police State.

  • Reasonable Mind

    Who gives a damn whether the context of the passage supports the weapon being secret or not. WHO CARES?

  • Steve

    You people are so stupid. Liberals piss me off. I hope everyone that doesn’t respect the police, has something very bad happen to their families. Then who will you turn to?

  • Doc P

    Yay! the police-state has a new tool!

  • JC

    this is what’s wrong with USA any top secret our could weapons we come up, we feel the need to advertise it to all over the world. this just makes it easier for others to learn about are weapons and find ways to do things around it. so smart we are…….

  • your dad

    yahoo & united states force = idiots….what more to say…

  • pieter parker

    Thank you for the info. on the device. It makes it easier to defeat. Knowledge is the weapon we need to squash the u.s. government. msn