Stolen Yacht Washes Ashore in Northern California

    March 5, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that three people have been arrested in connection with the theft of an 82-foot yacht earlier this week. The three people, all of them over the age of 50, were arrested on suspicion of grand theft and conspiracy.

The yacht, named the “Darling” was found grounded on a sandbar off the coast of Pacifica, California on Monday. Pacifica is a suburb on San Francisco.

According to the chronicle, the owner of the boat reported it stolen after seeing it featured on the news. What had been a rescue then turned into an arrest and police surrounded the boat, ordering its passengers to surrender.

The yacht was reportedly stolen from a harbor in the North San Francisco Bay. The trio’s joyride would have taken them underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and miles down the southern coast. The Chronicle report states that pizza boxes and beer cans were found on the ship.

  • speedkillsu

    to free the boat you take the halyard from the mast and tip it sideways freeing u the keel then you get another tug and pul it out ……it’s tricky but can be done with no damage to the boat .

    • nachtman

      with a tug no need 2 monkey with the mast.

  • yachtstealer

    lol i think its so funny

  • yachtstealer

    its funny

  • Michael R, Graf

    Why do people call it a yacht? It looks like a sailboat to me. When I think of a yacht, I think of the movie Overboard. Goldie Hawn’s yacht look like a yacht. This looks like a sailboat. I guess calling it cruise liner would of been a little too far fetched.
    If that is a yacht, then all Volkswagen Beetles are McLaren’s

    GET REAL!!!!

  • john

    Joyriding in a 5 million dollar yacht! I hope the Yacht is recovered with minimal damage.To the trio that took the vessel I hope you get what you deserve.That is just as bad as taking a home.the average home isn’t worth 5 mill, I would like to know their reason for doing such a thing!I will stay vigilant on this situation.

  • Mark

    The Oxford dictionary describes a yacht as:

    Definition of yacht
    a medium-sized sailboat equipped for cruising or racing.
    [with modifier] a powered boat or small ship equipped for cruising, typically for private or official use:
    a steam yacht

    Unfortunately this little “joyride” is completely ridiculous . The people taking this boat were of an age when most of us should know better.

    For the poor owner of the boat, the costs to take care of this little ” jaunt” will be no more than expensive.

    Not only a haul out for inspections, it will cost thousands to repair or replace the propeller that was damaged, along with pulling the prop shaft that needs to be inspected for straight.
    The rudder will be pulled to see if it has a bent shaft, plus the rudder bearings should be checked, of course the fiberglass on the rudder will need to be repaired.
    The hull will be checked for stress cracks at the rudder and the keel, if there are problems then the keel will be dropped from the hull and repairs made. That is just the basics too, if more is needed who knows what it may cost.

    What a bad idea for those silly folks that thought it would be a good idea to take someone’s boat out for a cruise.

    In the old days they would be strung up, or keel hauled.

    We will see if they get more than a slap on the wrist for this one.

    Mark, formerly from the KKMI store