Steve Jobs Quotes Book Being Rushed To Publication

Jobs quotes have been pretty popular since his death

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Steve Jobs Quotes Book Being Rushed To Publication
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If you spent any time on Twitter or Facebook shortly after the death of Apple’s Steve Jobs, you probably saw that he was quite the quotable fellow. I know that my feeds were inundated with Jobs quotes for the better part of a week.

With the extra attention surrounding the Apple co-founder and ex-CEO due to his death and people’s desire for all things Jobs, especially quotes, the publishers of a new Jobs quotes book are rapidly moving up the release date.

The book is called I, Steve: Steve Jobs in His Own Words and is edited by George Beahm. According to CNET, the book is being pushed up so quickly that it will be available in stores by the end of October.

The book was originally set to come out next March, but was moved up to November 15th after Jobs’ resignation as Apple CEO. Its page on Amazon.com still lists the publication date as November 7th, but apparently it will hit the shelves even sooner than that.

Drawn from more than three decades of media coverageā€”print, electronic, and onlineā€”this tribute serves up the best, most thought-provoking insights ever spoken by Steve Jobs: more than 200 quotations that are essential reading for everyone who seeks innovative solutions and inspirations applicable to their business, regardless of size.

“The thing that really struck us is that right after Steve Jobs died, there was this phenomenal outpouring of emotion and interest in everything related to Steve Jobs, and not the least our book,” the book’s publisher Doug Seibold told CNET. “And what we’ve seen in this past three days is this phenomenal response from readers and booksellers to the book.”

His book is not the only Steve Jobs book that is already receiving a lot of buzz. The only official biography of Jobs, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, has moved up its publication date to October 24th. It was sitting at November 21st before Jobs’ death.

The rights to the book have even been snatched up by Sony Pictures for an upcoming film on his life.

What do you think about all of this upcoming Steve Jobs media? Will you read/watch any of it? All of it? Let us know in the comments.

Steve Jobs Quotes Book Being Rushed To Publication
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    First my sincere condolences to famia for Steve Jobs, rest in peace. The truth is that I think I have no words to describe this piece of person who has revolutionized and revolutionize it (you will no longer very interesting projects that will soon come to light teleconmunicaciones ……) the world.

    I very much like to write books of his professional life but in private I think his family should decide, as his fight against cancer was very hard and I’m sure the family will have gone very wrong.

    a pleasure


  • http://www.pyramidzone.wordpress.com Ijewemen

    WBC can’t be serious.The gospel truth is Jesus Christ was sent to sinners.if not, it’s pointless dying on the cross.They should change their Evangelism strategy to Pre-death salvation,and scrap the After-death screams.
    I really don’t know about his sexuality.Big deal! if he was gay.Thanks goodness,he left an indelible mark.Do you know how many small business owners that learn great deal from him.I welcome the book.

  • http://www.codblackops7zombies.com jacobpeter

    First I want to pay my last tribute to Steve may he rest in eternal peace. As of the upcoming media, yes i would be happy to read and watch. But will venture in his works towards changing peoples life in technology that’s all stuff I’ll be looking for.

    call of duty black ops requirements

  • siddhanth venkitaa

    Yes. I wd read see hear anything that’s Steve. Whatta phenomena he has been.I instantly became his fan or devote. .. whatevr u call…eversince I read John Sculleys book pepsi to apple, way back in 1989 .if Ayn Rands Hovard Roark was the fictition hero I admire, its Steve
    Jobs real that respect. I believe in rebirths and I do
    beleive Steve is born again again.thanx Steve.

  • Angela

    Not sure what the other two posters are even talking about, however as a business major I admired Steve Jobs. I will definitely buy his quotes book and the official biography. I doubt I’ll watch any movie though.

    He was a business innovator, he was an amazing man and it has been said that he had hundreds of ideas in the “safe” at Apple. I hope so, and I hope they let us know if they develop his ideas.

    RIP Steve.

  • http://SocialNuggets.net Nandhini V

    Steve Jobs is quoted and paid respect everywhere. At SocialNuggets, we came up with an interesting tag cloud on Steve Jobs based on how the social media defines him. You can find it at SocialNuggets.net

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