Spec Ops: The Line Launch Trailer Features Awkward Staring


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It's officially the summer dark period for gaming. The blockbuster spring titles have already had their launches and publishers are now hoarding their biggest titles for the holiday season later this year. However, for gamers who are done with Diablo III and sill waiting for that new Mass Effect 3 ending, there are still plenty of options - we live in a golden age of gaming where boredom should never be an issue. Gamers can always fall back on the latest multiplayer first person shooters, which always have solid communities. Or, those feeling creative can jump into something more open-ended. Summer also means Steam sales and a chance to see what's new in the indie market. It can even be a time to get nostalgic and play some classics.

In the midst of this summer lull, though, game releases continue as mediocre versions of the titles gamers are really waiting for are rolled out. This week 2K games is releasing Spec Ops: The Line, a third-person shooter set in Dubai and featuring military combat. It looks to be a cross between Call of Duty and Gears of War, with plenty of chest-high walls. 2K announced at E3 that the title would be receiving multiplayer co-op as a free download sometime after its launch. Still, this will be the first Spec Ops game in a decade, and fans will be looking to see whether the game lives up to its predecessors on the original PlayStation.

2K today released a launch trailer for Spec Ops: The Line which features what I assume is the title character staring off into the camera while surrounded by destruction and war. It's a concept that could have worked if the character's face wasn't firmly chiseled into the bottom of the uncally valley. Also, for a launch trailer to show such little gameplay is worrying, similar to a movie that doesn't get an advance screening for critics. Take a look below and see for yourself if the beautiful skyscrapers of Dubai are enough to warrant a look at the latest Spec Ops game. Oh, and that June 29 release date at the end of the trailer is for Europe - the game lands in the U.S. on June 26.