SOPA: Razer Gives A F**k

By: Zach Walton - January 18, 2012

Razer, makers of fine PC gaming accessories, has joined the blackout to protest SOPA.

In what may be the most blatant protest yet, Razer has posted an image with their staff standing in front of a projector screen with the words “F**K SOPA.”

As previously reported, only a handful of gaming Web sites are going down today to protest the legislation and even fewer who are represented by the pro-SOPA ESA. Razer is not a member of the ESA but they are an important part of the gaming community to many people.

Here’s what what they have to say on SOPA:

The “Stop Online Piracy Act”, aka SOPA, and the Protect IP Act, aka PIPA, are proposed bills in the United States Congress that, if enacted, would effectively end the internet as we know it. In a ham-fisted attempt to combat piracy, Congress has opted for the “Nuke from Orbit” approach, hurting both the community from whom they benefit and developers they seek to protect. We cannot allow this to happen.

Allow us to stress, Razer does not condone piracy in any way. We feel it damages the industry and we will stand against anything that hurts either the gaming community or the developers. However, we firmly believe that SOPA and PIPA are the absolute wrong way to combat this problem and we are not alone in thinking this. Other gaming companies like Red 5, Riot Games and Mojang stand with us in opposition. However, these bills do not only affect software and game developers and we hope our actions will lead other gaming hardware vendors to join our protest against SOPA and PIPA.

For Gamers. By Gamers. It is not just a motto, it is our way of life. We work hard to do right by our community. We’ll be damned if we’re going to let an attack like this go unanswered.

Stay tuned for more SOPA coverage as more Web sites join the blackout.

Zach Walton

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  • reality


    Anything that can be copied ENDLESSLY….. at NO COST………is WORTHLESS. (literally)
    Why is gold valuable ?
    There should be no laws to protect…… corporations bad business models.
    Selling worthless copies is a bad business model…..evolve or die.

    Anti-Pirates hate people who share WORTHLESS data….
    Anti-Pirates want to throw people in jail….
    Anti-Pirates want to financially ruin people….
    Anti-Pirates will happily remove all personal freedoms to share copywrong content….
    All for profit…

    Who’s worse….. Pirates or Anti-Pirates ?

    Anti-Pirates are the intolerant to reality side … who will destroy a person

    Pirates just share worthless copies

    • Baron

      The free and open internet is a great place to find idiots rambling

      • MJR

        Is he the idiot for rambling or are you the idiot for not understanding his message?

        Anything that can be copied ENDLESSLY….. at NO COST………is WORTHLESS. (literally)
        Why is gold valuable ?
        There should be no laws to protect…… corporations bad business models.
        Selling worthless copies is a bad business model…..evolve or die.

        This is all true, understand it, accept it, move on.

        • Onezer

          while that is true, the corporations pay out salaries to employees for making these products that can be endlessly copied. By pirating an endless copy, you are taking away that income that goes to the company and its employees. This in turn forces corporations to have layoffs due to reduced income.

          Yes, CEO’s and other people at the top are, for the most part, greedy asshats, but you are hurting the middle class by screwing the corporations.

          As this argument is somewhat opposed to the side i stand on, i must finish by saying, FUCK SOPA!

          • NS

            Just because people are being paid to make intellectual property does not mean the owners on said IP deserves any money for it. All IP is inherently worthless until you can convince someone it has value through it’s possible uses.

            Just because someone has viewed your IP without permission does not entitle you to monetary gains.

            The only money IP holders deserve is the money they can convince people to pay for it.

        • Andrew

          I have to say that Onezer is the only one that has a decent common sense in this thread. As he said, the fact that money goes into creating so many of these IP’s makes them by definition, not worthless.
          NS, saying “Just because someone has viewed your IP without permission does not entitle you to monetary gains.” is just wrong. You viewing and/or using my IP without my permission is exactly what would entitle me to monetary gains if I decided to pursue legal actions. Sure, you may not have paid for it in the first place. But by taking it for free, you are acknowledging that it has value to you (however little) and denying me a source of income.
          I hope that SOPA/PIPA gets completely destroyed and rebuilt from the foundations so that we can actually achieve something, but NS, you’re the type of person that makes actions, ideas and bills such as SOPA important in this world.

          • NS

            I was more trying to say that these people think just because the make a movie or a painting they somehow deserve money for it. No they first need to market it and sell it properly to make any money. When they fail to do that they cry Piracy! and then try to force BS bills through congress when it’s really just a lack of proper selling techniques or lack of quality in their work.

            Civil copyright infringement of said item is irrelevant when you cant create value in your product.

    • Lauren

      It’s people like you who make me question my generation. If the data is truly “worthless”, then why do you want to pirate it? Worthless implies that no one wants it. You’re just whining because someone who made a product is trying to protect their ability to profit from it.

      The move to a more download centric sales platform for many things such as movies, video games, books, or music is a direct result of buyers wanting to access those things quickly and easily through their computers. Stealing them is spitting in the face of the companies that tried to make your shopping quicker and easier. It’s also a sign that you probably have some issues with entitlement.

      • Lauren

        This didn’t post as I meant it to, I was trying to reply to Reality.

        Also, a spirit of the staircase thing, gold is only worth anything because someone says it is. If I decided that I thought gold was worthless, then I would have no reason to go after it.

        Likewise, to NS, a lot of the folks complaining about piracy are making money off of their product but they’re still being robbed by people who would rather have the product without paying.

  • http://n/a m@tt

    I find it ironic that they censored the image.

    • Zach Walton

      I only censored the image for language. If it wasn’t for the F-bomb, I would display it freely for all to say.

  • Klobb

    This makes me proud to have my mouse.

  • anon

    i cant believe the government would even consider this bill. its basically a go ahead for all the world (including Americans) to hack us gov sites just out of pure anger. i know if it goes through… lets just say a lot more than pirate sites are going to go down.

  • Chris

    Somehow f**k is less insensitive than the full word. As if we can’t make out the full word if we put an asterisk or two in there. I will never get this political correctness bullshit. Oh, and bullshit is ok, but for some strange reason f**k ain’t. Oh, and f**k sopa!

  • jfjd

    Fuck sopa, Fuck pipa, and Fuck our government. They need to step down now or if not then they are communists and we need a rebellion the bring down our government. They been fucking up on just about every front they face and its getting worse as time goes by. I call for grabbing arms and rebel “we are Sparta” oh wait a minute that wasn’t it “we are land of the free”