SOPA / PIPA: Danny Sullivan Gets Creative In Contacting His Senator


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Yesterday’s SOPA Blackout prompted people to contact their Congressional representatives in unprecedented numbers. Phones rang nonstop, websites went down, and social media accounts were flooded. Some members of Congress, though, were a bit insulated from the flood simply because their lack of technological engagement made them harder to contact.

When Danny Sullivan, editor of, found that his senator, Diane Feinstein, did not have accounts on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, he got a little... creative in his efforts to contact her. He sent her a telegram. He then, of course, did what every technologically capable American does when they do something awesome: he put it on the internet:

Sullivan's Telegram

Now, it’s not exactly a telegram in the old-fashioned sense. It comes from, a website that allows you to send old-timey telegrams by mail (they even have an iPhone App). Real telegram or not, though, here's hoping it gets the point across.