Soon, Bing Is Going To Have Something Fun

By: Chris Crum - July 9, 2012

Bing is working on something called Bing Fund, but not any details are available yet. Apparently it will be fun though. If you visit, all you’ll get is the image/message above.

ITProPortal reports that Bing Fund will launch in July, and is being led by VoodooPC founder Rahul Sood, as an investment program for startups and entrepreneurs.

BingFund has been tweeting. Here are all of the messages so far:

Bing also has BingBooster, a program “aimed to help ideas flourish, stuff get built and services grow”. It’s unclear whether there is any direct connection between BingBooster and Bing Fund.

In its Twitter bio, BingFund says, “We are here to help you make the world a better place.”

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    New social media?

  • Tominguez

    whatever it is, I hope is an alternative to google, here is an idea for Bing, how about to advertise that your shopping module offers cheaper items, since sellers don’t have to feel squeezed like in google. Someone has to pay for those ppc product feeds and is not the merchant, bing has a big opportunity today, I hope they can take advantage of it, yahoo, and Blekko also, great article, thank you

  • DevDigital

    Waiting eagerly for bingfund. Bing is very active and so the Microsoft too, good to see the new updates and products in Online world.

  • wilner

    Looks interesting and I will definitely check it out. I just hope it does not diminish the effectiveness of Bing.